UK Press Online

UK Press Online offers as-published pages from the back catalogues of newspaper titles. Search by date or keyword from the full text of the pages. Results are returned as either Tiff or PDF full-page files, where the design and content reflect the original printed version of the newspaper.

The University of Sheffield has access to the following newspapers:

  • Daily Express: 1900 - present
  • Daily Mirror: 1903 - present
  • Daily Star: 2000 - present
  • Daily Star Sunday: 2002 - present
  • South Eastern Gazette: 1852 - 1912
  • Sunday Express: 2000 - present


Access is available directly from this page by connecting to the UK Press Online website - you'll be prompted to log in to MUSE as necessary.


If you experience any difficulties in using this eResource please call the Library Help Service on extension 27200 or email