Oil and Gas Directorate, North Sea Geographical Information System

The North Sea GIS datasets (part of the National Digital Archive of Datasets) contain spatial data locating oil and gas field boundaries and pipelines. The datasets are used regularly by such entities as the British Geological Survey, Schlumberger Geoquest and Asset Geoscience Ltd. Other users include oil companies, central and local government, data supply companies and other national governments. The dataset also includes data covering current and previous licences, and details of UK pipelines including those under construction.


This database is freely available to all and you do not need to register if you want to view data tables or documents online, or if you want to order copies to use on your own computer. However, you may wish to register to be able to log in and benefit from extra features such as saving data table display settings and a more rapid ordering service.


Access is available directly from this page by connecting to the Oil and Gas Directorate, North Sea Geographical Information System web site - you'll be prompted to login to MUSE as necessary.


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