White Rose Research Online (WRRO)

White Rose Research Online (WRRO) houses research outputs from the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York.

The emphasis of the repository is on research papers which have been or are in the process of being published. One of the main reasons for providing an open access repository is to increase access to those material which would normally be held behind a subscription barrier. Hence the emphasis on journal literature. However, a range of outputs can be deposited.


You can submit your research to the repository by using myPublications (the University’s research outputs database).
For guidance see the myPublications webpage from Research & Innovation Services.


This service is available to Internet users including registered students and staff of the University of Sheffield regardless of location and can be accessed directly from this page by connecting to the WRRO website.


If you experience any difficulties in using this eResource please call the Library HelpDesk on extension 27200 or email library@sheffield.ac.uk