Copyright Licensing Agency - Data Collection Exercise

Monday 14th January 2019 - Friday 22nd February 2019

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The Copyright Licensing Agency is undertaking a Data Collection Exercise (for teaching materials only) between Monday 14th January 2019 and Friday 22nd February 2019.

Starting on Monday 7th January we will set up a yellow box next to all relevant MSPs, along with instruction posters and adhesive data labels.

What does this mean to you?

During the exercise, if you are copying hand-outs to distribute to your students that contain photocopied extracts from works in copyright including books and journals then we need to know about it.

How do you inform us?

Yellow boxes will be sited next to photocopiers in academic departments, libraries and anywhere else where we think staff may be making multiple copies of material for students.  Whilst copying please make an extra copy of the identification page of the original, this may be the title page or back page of a book or the front cover of a journal.  Place one of the available stickers on the page and indicate how many pages you have copied from the original and how many copies you have created before posting the page in the yellow box.

If you've had coursepacks created via the Library & Print and Design Solutions service the data will be collected for you.

If, by any chance, you've produced coursepacks within your department, please send a copy of the pack to Sharon Cocker at Western Bank Library.

Copying of papers for examination use is excluded.  However, if you intend to use the paper after the examination in a lecture or a coursepack then it will need to be included in the collection.

More details

If you have any questions please contact Sharon Cocker by email or Telephone 0114 22 27256.

CLA Royalties Data Collection - Guidelines for Higher Education 2018-19