Copyright and your teaching (page under construction)

It is a common misconception that ‘educational use’ applies to uses of copyright works in a teaching context.

The bad news: this is a myth.

The good news: there are other ways to ensure that use of copyright material for teaching and learning purposes is legally compliant, sustainable, and fair.

Here you will find guidance on use of copyright material in your teaching, including books and journals, and audiovisual materials such as images, music, and film.

There are copyright exceptions which specifically cover teaching contexts. These are quite narrowly defined in terms of purpose and scope. Broadly speaking, there are exceptions which cover:

  • Use of material to illustrate a teaching point
  • Use of material for the purpose of an examination (including dissertations and theses)
  • Copying a small amount of a published work for classroom use
  • Showing a film in an educational setting

Full details can be seen at our exceptions guide.

Our licences guide includes information about blanket licences and open licences that can assist with teaching and learning use.

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