Digital Preservation at the University of Sheffield Library

Digital preservation activities should result in the ability to meaningfully access our digital collections and content both now and by future generations.

The challenge of digital content

There is an ever increasing volume of information being created in digital format by all of us whether in the personal or professional sphere. This is both as part of the day to day business of our institution but also as a result of digitising non-digital collections such as publications, images or audio content.

The digital world provides us with quick, easy and ubiquitous access to information wherever we are. At the same time this digital content is at very real risk of loss in a short space of time, and preserving information for meaningful reuse by future generations is a real challenge. Ensuring reliable access to digital content over time can be fraught with challenges including hardware failure or changes in technology rendering digital content obsolete.

The Library's role

It is a crucial part of the library’s role to provide access to information whether paper or digital required by the university community. The library is taking action to ensure that its digital collections can be accessed and used by researchers now and into the future.

To this end the library has established a digital preservation service to support the preservation of digital content intended for indefinite or permanent retention. This could include any type of content such as that held within Special Collections, the National Fairground Archive or research data. Underpinning this service is a digital preservation system which supports the curation and management of authenticated digital content over the very long term.

If you have questions regarding the long term preservation of your university digital content, or are interested in being involved in projects being developed by the library, please contact our Digital Preservation Manager.

The library’s digital preservation service Chris Loftus (Digital Preservation Manager)
Research Data Management Jez Cope (Research Data Manager)
University Records Matthew Zawadzki (University Records Manager)