Digital Preservation at the University of Sheffield

The Library has taken the leading role on digital preservation at the University of Sheffield. Our digital preservation system ArchiveUS (Rosetta provided by ExLibris) enables long-term care of our important electronic collections as well as the ability to effectively manage their preservation. Up to now we have been working on ingesting significant digital material from Special Collections, the National Fairground and Circus Archive (NFCA) and the University Administrative Archive into the system.

We have also led some groundbreaking work on the integration of ArchiveUS with ORDA, the University’s research data repository. This will allow us to offer a complete guarantee of protection for the entire lifecycle of our researchers' data.


If you have questions regarding the long term preservation of your university digital content, or are interested in being involved in projects being developed by the library, please contact us:

Main Contacts

The library’s digital preservation service

Angus Taggart (Library Systems Developer)

Chris Loftus (Special Collections and Digital Preservation Coordinator)

University Records

Matthew Zawadzki (University Records Manager)