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Title Author Year
Sack-full of newes (via Literature online (LION)) Anon. 1673
Sacred and profane love (via Literature online (LION)) Austin, Alfred 1908
Sacred biography : saints and their biographers in the Middle Ages (via ACLS Humanities E-Book) Heffernan, Thomas J. 1988
Sacred fire of liberty : James Madison and the founding of the federal republic (via ACLS Humanities E-Book) Banning, Lance 1995
Sacred friendship (via Literature online (LION)) Benlowes, Edward 1657
Sacred places: war memorials in the Australian landscapre (ACLS Humanities E-Book) Inglis, Ken 2005
Sacred poem (via Literature online (LION)) Chamberlaine, James, Sir 1680
Sacred poetry (via Literature online (LION)) Bowring, John, Sir 1873
Sadilleres. York Plays (via Literature online (LION)) Anon. 1885
Safe and healthy school environments (via Oxford scholarship online) Frumkin, Geller et al 2006
Safe piped water : managing microbial water quality in piped distribution systems (via NetLibrary) Ainsworth, Richard 2004
Safeguarding children from abroad (via Dawsonera) Kelly, Emma; Bokhari, Farhar (eds.) 2011
Safeguarding children living with trauma and family violence (via Dawsonera) Bentovim, A (et al.) 2009
Sagas of vaster Britain : poems of the race, the empire and the divinity of man (via Literature online (LION)) Campbell, Wilfred 1914
Sage dictionary of criminology (via Dawsonera) McLaughlin, Eugene; Muncie, John 2001
Sagehood (via Oxford scholarship online) Angle 2010
Saint Kavin : a ballad (via Literature online (LION)) Carman, Bliss 1894
Saint Mary Magdalen (via Literature online (LION)) Anon. 1982
Sainte-Beuve. The Encyclopadia Britannica (via Literature online (LION)) Arnold, Matthew 1886
Sainted women of the Dark Ages (via ACLS Humanities E-Book) McNamara, Jo [et al.] 1992
Saints and society : the two worlds of western Christendom, 1000-1700 (via ACLS Humanities E-Book) Weinstein, Donald 1982
Saints and their cults : studies in religious sociology, folklore, and history (via ACLS Humanities E-Book) Wilson, Stephen 1985
Saints and their miracles in late antique Gaul (via ACLS Humanities E-Book) Van Dam, Raymond 1993
Saints of the Atlas (via ACLS Humanities E-Book) Gellner, Ernest 1969
Saints' lives and women's literary culture, 1150-1300 (via Oxford scholarship online) Wogan-Browne, Jocelyn 2001
Salaam, Huey Newton, Salaam (via Literature online (LION)) Bullins, Ed 1993
Saladin (via ACLS Humanities E-Book) Ehrenkreutz, Andrew S. 1972
Salamacis and Hermaphroditus (via Literature online (LION)) Beaumont, Francis 1602
Salem possessed : the social origins of witchcraft (via ACLS Humanities E-Book) Boyer, Paul S. 1974
Salt of the earth : the political origins of peasant protest and communist revolution in China (via NetLibrary) Thaxton, Ralph 1997
Salutacio Elezabeth. Towneley Plays (via Literature online (LION)) Anon. 1897
Sam Peckinpah's The wild bunch (via ACLS Humanities E-Book) Prince, Stephen (ed.) 1999
Sample size tables for clinical studies (via Dawsonera) Machin, David [et al.] 2008
Sample sizes for clinical trials (via MyiLibrary) Julious, Steven A. 2009
Samuel Beckett: Humanistic perspectives (via Ohio State University Press) Beja, Morris; Gontarski, S. E.; Astier, P. 1983
Samuel Johnson and the art of sinking 1709-1791 (via Oxford scholarship online) Johnston, Freya 2005
Samuelsonian economics and the twenty-first century (via Oxford scholarship online) Szenberg, Michael; Ramrattan, Lall , Gottesman, Aron A. (eds.) 2006
San guo sheng di (via Apabi) Luo Kaiyu, Li Zhaocheng
San Mao chuan qi (via Apabi) Li Jie
San nong lun (via Apabi) Lu Xueyi
San nong wen ti (via Apabi)
"San nong" wen ti yan jiu (via Apabi) Wang Xinjian, Li Benqiang
San nong Zhongguo (via Apabi) He Xuefeng
San nong zhongguo 2003 (via Apabi) Xu Yong
San nong Zhongguo 2004 (via Apabi) He Xuefeng
San nong Zhongguo 2005 (via Apabi) He Xuefeng
Sanctuary : sunshine house sonnets (via Literature online (LION)) Carman, Bliss 1929
Sanditon. Works of Jane Austen (via Literature online (LION)) Austen, Jane 1954
Sanusi of Cyrenaica (via ACLS Humanities E-Book) Evans-Pritchard, E. E. 1954
Sapperton, Gloucestershire. Mummers' Plays (via Literature online (LION)) Anon. 1923
Sappho : one hundred lyrics (via Literature online (LION)) Carman, Bliss 1905
Sarah the creole (via Literature online (LION)) Barnett, Morris 1858
Sarcophagi of Ravenna (via ACLS Humanities E-Book) Lawrence, Marion 1945
Sardanapalus (via Literature online (LION)) Byron, George, Baron 1898
Sarmun (via Literature online (LION)) Anon. 1862
SARS feng bao zhong de Zhongguo jing ji (via Apabi) Zhang Xiaolian
SARS tiao zhan Zhongguo (via Apabi)
SARS yu Zhongguo she hui (via Apabi)
Satellite communication applications handbook (via NetLibrary) Elbert, Bruce R. 2004
Satires and miscellaneous poetry and prose (via Literature online (LION)) Butler, Samuel 1928
Saturday's children (via Literature online (LION)) Anderson, Maxwell 1927
Saul (via Literature online (LION)) Anon. 1829
Saving truth from paradox (via Oxford scholarship online) Field 2008
Savonarola (via Literature online (LION)) Austin, Alfred 1881
Savonarola (via Literature online (LION)) Austin, Alfred 1881
Savoring disgust (via Oxford scholarship online) Korsmeyer, Carolyn 2011
Sawney's letters and cariboo rhymes (via Literature online (LION)) Anderson, James 1895
Sayinges or proverbes of King Salomon (via Literature online (LION)) Anon. 1529
Sayyid Jamal ad-Din "al-Afghani" : a political biography (via ACLS Humanities E-Book) Keddie, Nikki R. 1972
Title Author Year
Scandals of translation (via Taylor & Francis archive) Venuti, Lawrence 1998
Scenario visualization (via CogNet) Arp, Robert 2008
Scenarios for a mixed landscape (via Literature online (LION)) Allman, John 1986
Scenes at Gurney's (via Literature online (LION)) Anon. 1874
Scenes of inquiry (via Oxford scholarship online) Jardine 2000
Scepticism and literature (via Oxford scholarship online) Parker, Fred 2003
Scepticism and naturalism (via Dawsonera) Strawson, P. F. 1987
Scepticism comes alive (via Oxford scholarship online) Frances 2005
Schaum's 3000 solved problems in calculus (via Dawsonera) Mendelson, Elliott 2009
Schaum's outline of advanced calculus (via Dawsonera) Wrede, Robert C.; Spiegel, Murray R. 2010
Schaum's outline of theory and problems of advanced calculus (via NetLibrary) Wrede, Robert C.; Spiegel, Murray R.; Arangno, Deborah C. 2002
Schaum's outline of theory and problems of beginning physics II : waves, electromagnetism, optics, and modern physics (via NetLibrary) Halpern, Alvin M.; Erlbach, Erich 1998
Schaum's outline of theory and problems of electromagnetics (via NetLibrary) Edminister, Joseph A. 1995
Schaum's outline of theory and problems of modern physics (via NetLibrary) Gautreau, Ronald.; Savin, William 1999
Schaum's outline of theory and problems of quantum mechanics (via NetLibrary) Peleg, Yoav.; Pnini, Reuven.; Zaarur, Elyahu 1998
Schenker's interpretive practice (via ACLS Humanities E-Book) Snarrenberg, Robert 1997
Schiller as philosopher (via Oxford scholarship online) Beiser 2005
Schizophrenia and civilization (via ACLS Humanities E-Book) Torrey, E. Fuller 1980
Schoenberg's musical imagination (via ACLS Humanities E-Book) Cherlin, Michael 2007
Scholarship in the digital age (via Dawsonera) Borgman, Christine L. 2007
Schole of wise conceytes (via Literature online (LION)) Blague, Thomas 1569
Scholemaster (via Literature online (LION)) Ascham, Roger 1570
School bullying (via Taylor & Francis archive) Smith, Peter; Sharp, Sonia 1994
School choice and social justice (via MyiLibrary) Brighouse, Harry 2002
School effectiveness for whom? (via Taylor & Francis archive) Weiner, Gaby; Slee, Roger; Tomlinson, Sally 1998
School for honour (via Literature online (LION)) Anon. 1799
School for husbands (via Literature online (LION)) Baker, Henry 1739
School for wives (via Literature online (LION)) Baker, Henry 1739
School for wives criticis'd (via Literature online (LION)) Baker, Henry 1739
School improvement (via Taylor & Francis archive) Harris, Alma 2002
School of the heart (via Literature online (LION)) Alford, Henry 1835
School subjects and curriculum change (via Taylor & Francis archive) Goodson, Ivor 1993
Schooling in Renaissance Italy : literacy and learning, 1300-1600 (via ACLS Humanities E-Book) Grendler, Paul F. 1991
Schoolmaster abroad. Collection of temperance dialogues (via Literature online (LION)) Anon. 1869
Schools for thought : a science of learning in the classroom (via CogNet) Bruer, John T. 1994
Schrodinger's rabbits: The many worlds of quantum (via NetLibrary) Bruce, Colin 2004
Schumann, Fantasie, op. 17 (via ACLS Humanities E-Book) Marston, Nicholas 1992
Science and civilization in Islam (ACLS Humanities E-Book) Nasr, Seyyed 2001
Science and innovation for development (via UK CDS) Conway, Gordon; Waage, Jeff 2010
Science and partial truth (via Oxford scholarship online) French, Costa 2003
Science and psychology of music performance (via Dawsonera) Parncutt, Richard 2002
Science and reason (via Oxford scholarship online) Kyburg 1991
Science and soccer (via Taylor & Francis archive) Williams, Mark; Reilly, Tom 2003
Science and the social good (via Oxford scholarship online) Herron 2009
Science in the nineteenth century periodical. An electronic index (via hriOnline) 2005
Science of reading: a handbook (via Dawsonera) Snowling, Margaret J.; Hulme, Charles (eds.) 2007
Science of reading: a handbook (via MyiLibrary) Snowling, Margaret J.; Hulme, Charles (eds.) 2008
Science of the mind (via CogNet) Flanagan, Owen J. 1991
Science research writing: for non-native speakers of English (via Dawsonera) Glasman-Deal, Hilary 2009
Science, the endless frontier : a report to the President on a program for postwar scientific research (via ACLS Humanities E-Book) United States Office of Scientific Research, Development 1960
Science, truth, and democracy (via Oxford scholarship online) Kitcher 2001
Scientific discovery (via CogNet) Langley, Pat ? [et al.] 1987
Scientific image (via Oxford scholarship online) Fraassen 1980
Scientific management : comprising Shop management, The principles of scientific management and Testimony before the special House committee (via ACLS Humanities E-Book) Taylor, Frederick W. 1947
Scientific representation (via Oxford scholarship online) van Fraassen 2008
Scientific values and civic virtues (via Oxford scholarship online) Koertge 2005
Scientific writing 2.0 (via Dawsonera) Lebrun, Jean-Luc 2011
Scientists must speak: bringing presentations to life (via NetLibrary) Walters, D. Eric; Walters, Gale Climenson 2002
Scientists must write : a guide to better writing for scientists, engineers and students (via NetLibrary) Barrass, Robert 2006
Scipio Aemilianus (via ACLS Humanities E-Book) Astin, A. E. 1967
Scipio africanus (via Literature online (LION)) Beckingham, Charles 1718
Scipio africanus (via Literature online (LION)) Anon. 1874
Scoggins iestes (via Literature online (LION)) Anon. 1613
Scotland and its first American colony, 1683-1765 (via ACLS Humanities E-Book) Landsman, Ned C. 1985
Scottish alliterative poems (via Literature online (LION)) Anon. 1897
Scottish and Irish romanticism (via Oxford scholarship online) Pittock 2008
Scottish peasant's fire-side (via Literature online (LION)) Bethune, Alexander 1843
Scottish Troy fragments (via Literature online (LION)) Anon. 1882
Scottsboro : a tragedy of the American South (via ACLS Humanities E-Book) Carter, Dan T. 1979
Scottsboro boy (via ACLS Humanities E-Book) Patterson, H., Conrad, E. 1950
Scrambled eggs and whiskey (via Literature online (LION)) Carruth, Hayden 1996
Scrambling, remnant movement, and restructuring in West Germanic (via Oxford scholarship online) Hinterhölzl, Roland 2006
Scraps of the untainted sky : science fiction, utopia, dystopia (via ACLS Humanities E-Book) Moylan, Tom 2000
Scratch 1.4: beginners guide (via Dawsonera) Badger, Michael 2009
Screening (via Oxford scholarship online) Raffle, Gray 2007
Screening the sacred : religion, myth, and ideology in popular American film (via ACLS Humanities E-Book) Martin, Joel 1995
Sculptor's daughter (via Literature online (LION)) Cannon, Charles 1857
Sculptor's triumph : a national allegory. Amateur dramas for parlor theatricals, evening entertainments, and school exhibitions (via Literature online (LION)) Baker, George Melville 1870
Title Author Year
Sea and sky (via Literature online (LION)) Brereton, John Le Gay 1908
Sea of death (via Literature online (LION)) Cary, Phoebe 1851
Sea of troubles : an original farce. Amateur dramas for parlor theatricals, evening entertainments, and school exhibitions (via Literature online (LION)) Baker, George Melville 1870
Sea songs (via Literature online (LION)) Bennett, William Cox 1878
Sea-king (via Literature online (LION)) Bigg, J. S. 1848
Sea-weeds (via Literature online (LION)) Barton, Bernard 1846
Seamark : a threnody for Robert Louis Stevenson (via Literature online (LION)) Carman, Bliss 1895
Search after claret (via Literature online (LION)) Ames, Richard 1691
Search after happiness (via Literature online (LION)) Anon. 1794
Search after wit (via Literature online (LION)) Ames, Richard 1691
Search for a usable past, and other essays in historiography (via ACLS Humanities E-Book) Commager, Henry Steele 1967
Search for an American Indian identity : modern Pan-Indian movements (via ACLS Humanities E-Book) Hertzberg, Hazel W. 1971
Searching for the just city: debates in urban theory and practice (via Dawsonera) Marcuse, Peter (ed.) 2009
Seas of language (via Oxford scholarship online) Dummett 1996
Season (via Literature online (LION)) Austin, Alfred 1869
Seasons of hunger : fighting cycles of quiet starvation among the world's rural poor (via Dawsonera) Devereux, Stephen; Vaitla, Bapu 2008
Seasons, in four pastorals (via Literature online (LION)) Brerewood, Thomas 1799
Secession of Quebec and the future of Canada (via ACLS Humanities E-Book) Young, Robert Andrew 1998
Second brother (via Literature online (LION)) Beddoes, Thomas Lovell 1851
Second calender (via Literature online (LION)) Brough, Robert B. 1853
Second century of cinema (via NetLibrary) Dixon, Wheeler W. 2000
Second greeting (via Literature online(LION)) Boker, George H. 1868
Second marriage (via Literature online (LION)) Baillie, Joanna 1812
Second overture (via Literature online (LION)) Anderson, Maxwell 1940
Second part of The rover Behn, Aphra 1681
Second part of the vision (via Literature online (LION)) Arwaker, Edmund 1685
Second philosophy (via Oxford scholarship online) Maddy 2007
Second self : computers and the human spirit (via ACLS Humanities E-Book) Turkle, Sherry 1984
Second Titan war (via Literature online (LION)) Barrett, Eaton Stannard 1807
Secondary data analysis (via Dawsonera) Vartanian, Thomas P 2010
Secondary predication and adverbial modification (via Oxford scholarship online) Himmelmann, Nikolaus P; Schultze-Berndt, Eva F. (eds.) 2005
Secondary science (via Taylor & Francis archive) Wellington, Jerry 1994
Secret (via Literature online (LION)) Barrymore, William 1860
Secret of death (via Literature online (LION)) Arnold, Edwin, Sir 1885
Secret tribunal (via Literature online (LION)) Boaden, James 1795
Secularism, gender, and the state in the Middle East : the Egyptian women's movement (via ACLS Humanities E-Book) Al-Ali, Nadje Sadig 2000
Securing the safe performance of graphite reactor cores (via RSC 2010 ebooks collection) Neighbour, Gareth B. (ed.) 2010
Security studies: an introduction (via Dawsonera) Williams, Paul (ed.) 2008
Security studies: an introduction (via MyiLibrary) Williams, Paul D. (ed.) 2008
Seed and the soil: Gender and cosmology in Turkish village society (via ACLS Humanities E-Book) Delaney, Carol 1991
Seeds: the ecology of regeneration in plant communities (via NetLibrary) Fenner, Michael 2000
Seedtime of the Republic : the origin of the American tradition of political liberty (via ACLS Humanities E-Book) Rossiter, Clinton L. 1953
Seege of Troye (via Literature online (LION)) Anon. 1927
Seeing and not seeing (via Literature online (LION)) Brooks, Charles T. 1866
Seeing and visualizing (via CogNet) Pylyshyn, Zenon W. 2003
Seeing beneath the soil (via Taylor & Francis archive) Clark, Anthony 1996
Seeing dark things (via Oxford scholarship online) Sorensen 2008
Seeing double: Baudelaire's Modernity (via Dawsonera) Meltzer, Francoise 2011
Seeing fictions in film (via Oxford scholarship online) Wilson 2011
Seeing like a state: how certain schemes to improve the human condition have failed (via MyiLibrary) Scott, James C. 1999
Seeing, doing, and knowing (via Oxford scholarship online) Matthen 2005
Sege of Melayne (via Literature online (LION)) Anon. 1880
Select fables (via Literature online (LION)) Arwaker, Edmund 1708
Select poems (via Literature online (LION)) Brydges, Egerton, Sir 1816
Select poems, designed for the improvement and amusement of young ladies (via Literature online (LION)) Carter, Elizabeth 1772
Selected papers of Richard Feynman: With commentary (via NetLibrary) Feynman, R.; Brown, L. M. 2000
Selected poems (via Literature online (LION)) Barker, George 1995
Selected poems (via Literature online (LION)) Bland, Peter 1998
Selected poems (via NetLibrary) Lewis, Saunders 1993
Selected poetry (via Literature online (LION)) Baraka, Imamu Amiri 1979
Selection and use of engineering materials (via MyiLibrary) Crane, F.A.A.; Charles, James A.; Furness, Justin 1997
Selection from unpublished poems (via Literature online (LION)) Barnes, William 1870
Selections from the American poets (via Literature online (LION)) Calvert, George 1840
Self (via Literature online (LION)) Bateman, Sidney Frances 1856
Self and society in Ming thought (via ACLS Humanities E-Book) de Bary, William 1970
Self and world (via Oxford scholarship online) Cassam 1999
Self and world in Schopenhauer's philosophy (via Oxford scholarship online) Janaway 1999
Self impression (via Oxford scholarship online) Saunders 2010
Self, no Self? (via Oxford scholarship online) Siderits, Mark; Thompson, Evan; Zahavi, Dan (eds.) 2010
Self-constitution (via Oxford scholarship online) Korsgaard 2009
Self-control : a novel (via Literature online (LION)) Brunton, Mary 1811
Self-evaluation in the global classroom (via Dawsonera) MacBeath, John [et. al] 2002
Self-expression (via Oxford scholarship online) Green 2007
Self-governance and cooperation (via Oxford scholarship online) Myers 2003
Self-improvement (via Oxford scholarship online) Johnson 2011
Self-knowing agents (via Oxford scholarship online) O'Brien 2007
Self-knowledge (via Oxford scholarship online) Hatzimoysis, Anthony (ed.) 2011
Self-made tapestry (via NetLibrary) Ball, Philip 1999
Self-organization in the evolution of speech (via Oxford scholarship online) Oudeyer, Pierre-Yves 2006
Self-transformations (via Oxford scholarship online) Heyes 2007
Self-trust (via Oxford scholarship online) Lehrer 1997
Selfish gene (via Dawsonera) Dawkins, Richard 2006
Selling and sales management (via Dawsonera) Jobber, David; Lancaster, Geoff 2009
Selling the Korean war (via Oxford scholarship online) Casey 2008
Selves (via Oxford scholarship online) Strawson 2009
Semantic powers (via Oxford scholarship online) Ganeri 1999
Semantics and syntax in lexical functional grammar : the resource logic approach (via CogNet) Dalrymple, Mary 1991
Semantics tense and time : an essay in the metaphysics of natural language (via CogNet) Ludlow, Peter 1999
Semantics versus pragmatics (via Oxford scholarship online) Szabo, Zoltan Gendler (ed.) 2005
Semblance of subjectivity : essays in Adorno's Aesthetic theory (via CogNet) Huhn, Tom; Zuidervaart, Lambert (eds.) 1997
Semiconductor macroatoms : Basic physics and quantum-device applications (via NetLibrary) Rossi, Fausto 2005
Semiconductor material and device characterization (via NetLibrary) Schroder, Dieter K. 2006
Semiramis (via Literature online (LION)) Ayscough, George Edward 1776
Semiramis (via Literature online (LION)) Anon. 1845
Seneca and the idea of tragedy (via Oxford scholarship online) Staley 2009
Senior Citizenship? (via Dawsonera) Ackers, Louise 2002
Sense and sensibility (via Literature online (LION)) Austen, Jane 1811
Sense of place (via NetLibrary) Kriesberg, Daniel A. 1999
Sense of place : American regional cultures (via ACLS Humanities E-Book) Allen, Barbara 1990
Sense of place and sense of planet (via Oxford scholarship online) Heise 2008
Sensory exotica : a world beyond human experience (via CogNet) Hughes, Howard C. 1999
Sensory qualities (via Oxford scholarship online) Clark 1996
Sensuous geographies (via Taylor & Francis archive) Rodaway, Paul 1994
Sentence comprehension (via CogNet) Townsend, David J.; Bever, Thomas G. 2001
Sentencing and criminal justice (via Dawsonera) Ashworth, Andrew 2010
Sentimental rules (via Oxford scholarship online) Nichols 2004
Separating, losing and excluding children (via Taylor & Francis archive) Billington, Tom 2000
Separation (via Literature online (LION)) Baillie, Joanna 1851
Sequel of Henry the Fourth (via Literature online (LION)) Betterton, Thomas 1721
Sequence, evolution, function: computational approaches in comparative genomics (via NCBI) Koonin, Eugene V. 2003
Serbia between East and West : the events of 1903-1908 (via ACLS Humanities E-Book) Vucinich, Wayne S. 1954
Serbia in the shadow of Milosovic (via Dawsonera) Clark, Janine N. 2008
Serenade. Rose-Belford's Canadian monthly and national review (via Literature online (LION)) Ardagh, Alice M. 1881
Serial verbs in oceanic (via Oxford scholarship online) Crowley, Terry 2002
Serious family (via Literature online (LION)) Barnett, Morris 1896
Serious poetry (via Oxford scholarship online) McDonald, Peter 2007
Serjeant Musgrave's dance (via Literature online (LION)) Arden, John 2002
Sertorius : Roman patriot (via Literature online (LION)) Brown, David P. 1830
Servant problem: domestic employment in a global economy (via Dawsonera) Cox, Rosie 2006
Set of turquoise (in The ballad of Babie Bell, and other poems) (via Literature online (LION)) Aldrich, Thomas Bailey 1860
Set theory and its philosophy (via Oxford scholarship online) Potter 2004
Setting limits fairly (via Oxford scholarship online) Daniels, Sabin 2002
Settlement of disputes in international law : institutions and procedures (via NetLibrary) Collier, John G.; Lowe, Vaughan 1999
Seven against Thebes (via Literature online (LION)) Blackie, John S. 1850
Seven books of history against the pagans : the apology of Paulus Orosius (via ACLS Humanities E-Book) Orosius, Paulus 1936
Seven old ladies of Lavender Town (via Literature online (LION)) Bunner, H. C. 1910
Seven sages of Rome (via Literature online (LION)) Anon. 1933
Seven women (via Literature online (LION)) Barrie, James Matthew 1942
Seventh report of the joint national committee on prevention, detection, evaluation and treatment of high blood pressure (via NCBI) 2004
Seventh sense (via Oxford scholarship online) Kivy 2003
Sex and cognition (via CogNet) Kimura, Doreen. 1999
Sex and danger in Buenos Aires: Prostitution, family, and nation in Argentina (via ACLS Humanities E-Book) Guy, Donna 1995
Sex and social justice (via NetLibrary) Nussbaum, Martha Craven 1999
Sex and society in Islam : birth control before the nineteenth century (via ACLS Humanities E-Book) Musallam, Basim 1983
Sex and suffering: women's health and a women's hospital (ACLS Humanities E-Book) McCalman, Janet 1999
Sex and the brain (via CogNet) Einstein, Gillian 2007
Sex in public : the incarnation of early Soviet ideology (via ACLS Humanities E-Book) Naiman, Eric 1997
Sextus Empiricus and Pyrrhonean Scepticism (via Oxford scholarship online) Bailey 2002
Sexual brain (via CogNet) LeVay, Simon 1994
Sexual bullying (via Taylor & Francis archive) Duncan, Neil 1999
Sexual solipsism (via Oxford scholarship online) Langton, Rae 2009
Sexuality and social order: the debate over the fertility of women and workers in France, 1770-1920 (via ACLS Humanities E-Book) McLaren, Angus 1983
Sexy bodies (via Taylor & Francis archive) Grosz, Elizabeth; Probyn, Elspeth 1995
Title Author Year
Sganarel (via Literature online (LION)) Baker, Henry 1739
Title Author Year
Shad-fishers (via Literature online (LION)) Canning, Josiah D. 1854
Shadow garden (a phantasy) and other plays (via Literature online (LION)) Cawein, Madison J. 1910
Shadow king : rex inutilis in medieval law and literature, 751-1327 (via ACLS Humanities E-Book) Peters, Edward 1970
Shadow of Moloch Mountain (via Literature online (LION)) Austin, Jane G. 1870
Shadow of night (via Literature online (LION)) Chapman, George 1594
Shadow of the plantation (via ACLS Humanities E-Book) Johnson, Charles 1934
Shadow of war: Russia and the USSR, 1941 to the present (via Dawsonera) Lovell, Stephen, 2010
Shadows in the field: new perspectives for fieldwork (via Dawsonera) Barz, Gregory; Cooley, Timothy (eds.) 2008
Shakespeare and appropriation (via Taylor & Francis archive) Desmet, Christy; Sawyer, Robert 1999
Shakespeare and character: theory, history, performance, and theatrical persons (via Dawsonera) Yachnin, Paul; Slights, Jessica 2008
Shakespeare and the idea of the book (via Oxford scholarship online) Scott, Charlotte 2007
Shakespeare and the origins of English (via Oxford scholarship online) Rhodes, Neil 2004
Shakespeare and the young writer (via Taylor & Francis archive) Sedgwick, Fred 1999
Shakespeare in parts (via Dawsonera) Palfrey, Simon 2007
Shakespeare without women (via Taylor & Francis archive) Callaghan, Dympna 1999
Shakespeare's early history plays (via Oxford scholarship online) Goy-Blanquet, Dominique 2003
Shakespeare's history plays: The family and the state (via Ohio State University Press) Pierce, Robert B. 1971
Shakespeare's patterns of self-knowledge (via Ohio State University Press) Soellner, Rolf 1972
Shakespeare, Machiavelli, and Montaigne (via Oxford scholarship online) Grady, Hugh 2002
Shakespeare, Milton, and eighteenth-century literary editing : the beginnings of interpretative scholarship (via ACLS Humanities E-Book) Walsh, Marcus 1997
Shall we join the ladies? (via Literature online (LION)) Barrie, James Matthew 1942
Shambaa kingdom: a history (ACLS Humanities E-Book) Feierman, Steven 1974
Shan bei min jian jian zhi shi yao (via Apabi) Song Ruxin
Shan hai jing (via Apabi) Guo Pu
Shan shui Zhongguo (via Apabi) Duan Baolin
Shandong dui wai jiao wang shi hua (via Apabi) Zhu Yafei, An Kejun
Shandong hong guan jing ji (via Apabi) Wang Qingxin
Shandong jing ji lan pi shu (via Apabi) Ma Chuandong, Zhang Weiguo
Shandong jing ji lan pi shu. Volume 1 (via Apabi) Ma Chuandong, Zhang Weiguo
Shandong jing ji lan pi shu. Volume 2 (via Apabi) Ma Chuandong, Zhang Weiguo
Shandong min su. 2 (via Apabi) Zhang Yu
Shang jun shu (via Apabi) Shang Yang
Shang wu wen shu xian xue xian yong (via Apabi) Zhong Jiatai
Shang yong Han yu hui hua (via Apabi) Guo Li
Shang zheng yan jiu. 2002. Part 1 (via Apabi)
Shang zheng yan jiu. 2002. Part 2 (via Apabi)
Shang zheng yan jiu. 2004. Part 1 (via Apabi)
Shang zheng yan jiu. 2004. Part 2 (via Apabi)
Shang zheng yan jiu. 2004. part 3 (via Apabi)
Shangganling shang de ying xiong (via Apabi) Yang Zhaolin
Shanghai dui wai jing ji mao yi nian jian (via Apabi) Zhu Xiaoming
Shanghai fa zhan bao gao (via Apabi)
Shanghai fu nu zhi (via Apabi) Huang Sha, Meng Yankun
Shanghai gong lu yun shu shi (via Apabi)
Shanghai hai guan tong ji nian jain (via Apabi) 2000
Shanghai jiao yu nian jian 2003 (via Apabi) 2003
Shanghai jin dai min zu juan yan gong ye (via Apabi) Fang Xiantang
Shanghai jin rong de zhi du, gong neng yu bian qian (via Apabi) Du Xuncheng
Shanghai jing ji nian jian 2000 (via Apabi) 2000
Shanghai jing ji nian jian 2001 (via Apabi) 2001
Shanghai ke ji nian jian 2003 (via Apabi) 2003
Shanghai ke ji nian jian 2004 (via Apabi) 2004
Shanghai mao ma fang zhi gong ye zhi (via Apabi) Cao Chikun
Shanghai mo deng (via Apabi) Li Oufan
Shanghai nei he hang yun zhi (via Apabi) Ren Cijie
Shanghai "san nong" fa zhan bao gao (via Apabi) Yuan Yixing, Li Chongxin
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"Sun Zhongshan yu Ya zhou" guo ji xue shu tao lun hui lun wen ji (via Apabi)
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Sun Zhongshan zhuan. Volume 2 (via Apabi)
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