Eoffprints are digital versions of copyright material, previously only available as print, made either under licence from the Copyright Licensing Agency or by permission from individual publishers.

The University has signed the Photocopying and Scanning HE Licence from the Copyright Licensing Agency, which enables the Library to digitise print copies of journal articles, book chapters or images. Note only certain countries are covered (see CLA International Territories) and some individual works and publishers have been excluded from this mandate.

There is a limit on the amount that can be scanned from any one item, generally one chapter from a book or one article per issue from a journal. All other material (i.e. second chapters/articles or from countries not covered by the licence) has to be copyright cleared and a fee paid. This fee is calculated by the number of students on a course and the number of pages scanned and is payable per annum. Therefore, extracts should be essential student reading.

The Library is providing access to these `eoffprints´ through the Resource Lists, our online reading list system. By making course material available electronically, tutors can ensure student access to essential reading for seminar preparation, assignments or exams. This is particularly useful for courses with large student numbers; for distance, part-time or online courses; where demand on particular books is high for only short periods of time; or if material is out of print or difficult to obtain.

Only "designated members of staff" may authorise an item to be scanned and made available for a Course of Study. Detailed records have to be kept of what has been scanned, by whom and for whom, and submitted to the Copyright Licensing Agency on a regular basis. The University Library will undertake to organise and administer the scanning of requested items. These will be kept on a secure server and accessed via MOLE and/or the appropriate module list on Resource Lists.

Module leaders only may submit requests for digitisation. You should allow at least 6 weeks for these requests to be processed, particularly in the run up to each semester. However, within this time frame requests can be submitted throughout the module.

To submit a request for digitisation:

As part of the licence agreement, the following information is required:

  • Module name
  • Module number
  • Number of students taking the module
  • Duration of the module in weeks
  • Date item required by
  • Full bibliographic details of the book chapter, journal article or image

Please complete the appropriate request form for individual requests:

If you require more than one Eoffprint for the same module please complete the Template for bulk requests spreadsheet and email it to resourcelists@sheffield.ac.uk

More advice:

Please email resourcelists@sheffield.ac.uk or contact the librarian for your department for further details.