Exam support

Exam support

Feeling anxious about exams? You're not alone and you don’t need to worry – we’re here for you and we’ll be with you all the way!

Over the next few weeks we’ll be bringing you some extra support services to help you through this busy period. Here’s everything extra you need to know about the Library during exam time.

In the meantime, we wish all our students the best of exam success in 2020.

Exam extra study spaces

Extra study space

Looking for a place to study? Additional study spaces are available in libraries, the Students’ Union, across campus, and at the Halls of residence throughout this period. These study spaces are open to all students.

For a list of extra study spaces, visit the dedicated Exam Extra Study Space web page.

Full details of opening hours at library sites and learning spaces across campus, visit the Learning Spaces website.

Group rooms for study

Group rooms

Group rooms in the Information Commons, Western Bank Library, and the 4th Floor in The Diamond will be unavailable to book during this period, allowing more of you to benefit from the space available.

For up-to-date occupancy figures for the Information Commons, The Diamond, and the Hallamshire Hospital Library, visit the Learning Spaces website.

Help and support

Extra help and support

We’ve extended our Live Chat hours to 9pm (Monday to Thursday) to make sure we’re on hand to offer you the help and support you need, when you most need it.

If you have any concerns you can talk to us on Live Chat from 9am - 9pm Mon – Thurs and we’ll do our best to help.

Need help with questions ranging from finding a space and study breaks to revision tips? If you need help, contact us or check out our FAQs.

  • Look out for our staff in green t-shirts from 6 January – 7 February 2020. You’ll notice staff in and around the study spaces so if you need help, just ask!
  • Come and see us at the Library to You revision support stands to ask us any of your questions - you’ll see us popping up in different places across campus. Why not pick up a FREE ‘BOOKS ON THE GO’ library bag at the same time?


Is the Library too noisy?

Text NOISE to 01952783022 letting us know the location. Please report the problem at the time it is happening - we can help you more quickly if you do. You can also let us know by speaking with a member of Library staff or by contacting us on Live Chat.

Study healthily and take a break

Study Healthily and Take a Break

Check out The Garden Room in the Information Commons - it's your place of relaxation and calm during this busy period. If you feel you need to improve your focus, why not join our meditation sessions?

  • 22 January - 1.15pm - 2pm - Meditation (relaxation for body and mind)
  • 23 January - 12.30pm - 1.15pm - Hypnosis for inner calm and positivity
  • 29 January - 12.30pm - 1.15pm - Hypnosis for inner calm and positivity
  • 30 January - 1pm - 2pm Meditation (Relaxation for body and mind)
  • 6 February - 1pm - 2pm - Meditation (Relaxation for body and mind)

If you are spending longer hours in libraries and learning spaces, it’s important that you take a break from time to time. If you need to leave your desk for more than a few minutes, you should use a study break pass to make it clear to others when you’ll be back.

More information on the passes.

Whether you’re finding it hard to focus or you need time out, stretching could be of benefit.  We have a number of new exam-time yoga areas available in each of the Library sites.  You will find these in the Information Commons (Level 1, adjacent to the information referral points); Western Bank Library (Level 4, near the Wolfson Suite); and in The Diamond (Level 1).

Silent study areas

More silent study areas

Quiet and silent study space is very popular at this time of year. We’ve added additional silent study areas to help you through this period. These include Level 4 in Western Bank Library and the Short Stay Study area in the Diamond. While we take a break from our workshop schedule, the Library Skills Room in The Diamond will also be reconfigured for individual silent studying.

Please be considerate to your fellow students during the revision period by keeping noise to a minimum.

For information about these Libraries, visit the Learning Spaces website.

Prioritised access for our students

Prioritised access for university students

Study spaces in all libraries are prioritised for university students during this period.

There will be no access for external readers so that more study spaces are available for students during this time.