The University Heritage Collection holds over 150 medals. Some of these were presented to students as awards for their research and commitments such as the Brunton Medal which was presented to students for their work towards metallurgical subjects. Academic achievements in engineering and services to industry was awarded by the Bessamer Gold Medal which was established and endowed by Sir Henry Bessemer in 1874. The collection also includes Orders and decorations, some were awarded to Sir Thomas Beecham and the President’s chain of office for the National Trades Technical Societies.

ID 867 Mappin Medal awarded for Metallurgy and other engineering subjects to David H R Whyman

Sir Frederick Thorpe Mappin supported the formation of the University of Sheffield, and was created its first Pro-Chancellor. Mappin was a wealthy industrialist who made his fortune in Sheffield’s cutlery and steel industries; he encouraged to create a Technical School, which is now the Mappin Building, to educate the workers of the city. From the generosity of Sir Frederick Mappin, there are eight Mappin Medals awarded to students in the Departments of the Faculty of Engineering.

ID 625 Bessemer medal

The Bessemer Gold Medal is an annual prize awarded by the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining for "outstanding services to the steel industry".