Scientific collections

The University Heritage Collection holds around 110 scientific items. The collection contains important and unique objects and specimens that reflect the eminence of the world class research carried out at the University through the ages as well as the range of scientific achievement and resources available to students, academics and researchers.

Field microscope

Micrometer theodolite

DNA model

Alfred Denny Museum  

The Alfred Denny Museum contains up to 6,000 high quality zoological specimens from across the globe including fossils and samples of extinct species. Please follow this link to explore the collections:

Alfred Denny Museum

Alfred Denny Museum when in Firth Court

Henry Clifton Sorby Collection of Glass Slides 

As part of his interest in marine biology, Henry Clifton Sorby developed and perfected a method of preparing and mounting marine organisms on glass lantern slides, samples of which he donated to the university. Sorby was president of Firth College and Vice President of University College which eventually became the University of Sheffield in 1905. For more information about Sorby, follow this link:   

Sorby Slide

Sorby Slide

Turner Museum of Glass  

William Ernest Steven Turner was a chemist and pioneer of scientific glass technology. Turner's vision and commitment ensured the successful development of glass making techniques as well as a fruitful dialogue between manufacturers and researchers. The Turner Museum of Glass is one of the UK's most comprehensive collections of nineteenth and twentieth century glass. To explore the collections, please follow this link:

ID 26 Cameo Vase made by Richardson and Sons, Wordsley Flint Glass Works, Stourbridge around 1870 

ID 159 Wine Glass with coloured twisted stem