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Creating is the literacy which enables learners to blend ideas and produce new knowledge. Knowledge is created through a range of media and embraces textual, visual and auditory approaches.

Creating new information happens whenever you write, draw, construct or create anything, so, for example, writing a literature review is creating new knowledge. Use the tutorials below to help you.

Creating and using images

Learn about the power of images, and how and when to use them in your work, as well as how to create or edit the images you need using online software / apps.

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How to create a Google Site

Google Sites is an online tool for creating simple websites that doesn’t require technical skills. Watch this video to learn the basics of setting up and structuring a Google Site, adding content, and sharing and publishing your site.

Watch the video above or see it in Kaltura: How to create a Google Site

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Using lecture recordings: a guide for students

Learn how to make the most effective use of lecture recordings.

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Canva tutorials

Interactive tutorials from Canva to walk you through every aspect of using this resource to create images.

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Producing a literature review

A literature review aims to give an overview of the current scholarly understanding of a particular topic, including any competing theories or perspectives. This guide provides an outline and suggests sources of further advice.

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301: Student Skills and Development Centre - Writing overview

This advice from 301 will help you to convey your ideas effectively. Writing is a key skill you will use and develop constantly during your time at University. This section provides advice on topics such as reading and note taking, mind mapping, essay structure and planning, editing and proofreading, using feedback, and reflection.

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