Employability - in the workplace.


Information literacy in the workplace

Information literacy is an essential skill that is vital within academic studies, personal use of information and working life.

"I was required to write a research paper outlining what our current policy was...I used various sources such as legislation, published documents and internal documents. I had to make it clear which sources I had used."

"It is crucial to compare and evaluate the quality of each source and to report not only the information we find but the context in which it has been published."

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Information literacy means:

  • Recognising the need for information and data
  • Scoping current knowledge and identifying information gaps – knowing what you don't know
  • Developing effective strategies to locate data and information
  • Gathering information and data using appropriate sources
  • Evaluating and comparing information and data
  • Managing and organising data and information effectively and ethically
  • Presenting and communicating information and data effectively

For more information see:
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The Information Skills Resource can help you to develop your employability skills, covering skills such as evaluating information and effective internet searching.

Find out more about the importance of information literacy in the workplace:

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