IDL Workshops

Develop and enhance your information skills. This workshop programme, delivered in the Diamond and online, is open to taught course students from all departments.  To book on a workshop or webinar, please use the calendar below.

Workshops and webinars available:

Discovering Information: Getting started

This workshop will introduce information searching and StarPlus to students undertaking their first assessments at University level. You will learn about different information sources, and how to access information from your reading lists and beyond to help you gain the highest marks.

Discovering Information: A Masterclass

In this workshop you will learn how to use databases to find the best resources for your independent research project. You will consider your information needs and have the opportunity to create an effective search strategy to produce a manageable set of relevant results. You will look at ways to manage and evaluate the information you find. To attend this workshop you need to have a solid understanding of how to use StarPlus- please work through the StarPlus tutorial, or attend ‘Getting started with discovering information’.

Questioning and Evaluating Information

This workshop will give you an awareness of the purpose, strengths & weaknesses of a variety of information sources and consider a range of questions that can be used to help you evaluate your results.

Images: Discover, Understand, Reference

This workshop will increase your knowledge of discovering and using images. You will be introduced to searching for copyright free and creative commons images, interpreting images and referencing images within your academic work.

Plagiarism & Referencing

In this workshop you will explore what plagiarism is and how to avoid it. You will consider the purpose of referencing and ways to ensure correct, consistent referencing.

Referencing & Reference Management Software

This session aims to introduce the practice of referencing and give students the skills to produce citations and references in their departmental style. It gives an overview of referencing management software and the key processes. Students share their existing referencing knowledge and build upon this, ensuring they meet the expectations of their academic department. Learners also explore ways to utilise software to reference quickly and efficiently but are also able to critically appraise the output and where necessary, adapt this. Learners will leave the session empowered to reference and utilise the available tools effectively. Available as both a workshop and webinar.

Blogging - from concept to communication

This workshop will give you an awareness of to the benefits and purposes of blogging, as well as the different blogging platforms. It will enable you to develop a succinct writing style that is appropriate for blogging. You will gain experience of creating a blog and writing a draft post. Come prepared with a topic of interest and this workshop will give you the skills to get your message across efficiently.

Commercial Awareness

What is 'Commercial Awareness' and why is it one of the most sought after attributes employers look for? This workshop, delivered by staff from the Careers Service, University of Sheffield Enterprise and the Library will explain what it really means to have commercial awareness and how you can prove you have it. The workshop will introduce you to tools and resources you can use to think commercially and improve your skills in this broad area.

Literature searching for the systematic review

This workshop is aimed at all students undertaking systematic reviews and looks at the literature searching stage of the process. Led by the Liaison Librarians for Science and Medicine, Dentistry & Health the workshop will cover how to create a search strategy and and how to use key databases such as Medline and Web of Science for identifying the research evidence. We’ll discuss some advanced search techniques and explore how to explore how to organise the search process efficiently. You’ll get some hands-on practice searching and there will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions related to your own project.

This workshop/webinar will be scheduled for next semester. A recording of last semester's webinar is available.

From Evidence to Argument

This workshop jointly delivered with 301 will help you tackle information overload by identifying sources and reading critically to form a logical argument.

HEAR recognition

Attendance at our information skills workshops can count towards your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) through The 301 Academic Skills Certificate. Find out more and register.

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