Eresources Service Status

This table shows scheduled maintenance, at-risk periods and irregular eresources unavailability. See also the IT Services Status page. If you are currently experiencing problems, please contact the Library Help Service.

Status Service affected Details
Orange Dawsonera Ebooks Due to Bertrams going into administration, the Dawsonera ebook platform will shortly become unavailable to all users. If you have any notes saved in a Dawsonera ebook that you wish to keep, please export these as a text file for future use as soon as possible. For more information on how to export your content see our FAQ. 14 July 2020
Green Drama Online Access restored following a platform upgrade by the supplier, who apologises for any inconvenience. 10 July 2020
Green StarPlus

The problem connecting to online resources from StarPlus has been resolved although there may be some isolated cases remaining. Please report any issues you experience.

The workarounds are still available if the 'Full text' links don't work: if you are searching for a journal article, please try the 'ALTERNATIVE LINK' under 'Additional services'; if you are searching for a ProQuest Ebook Central ebook, please connect to the ProQuest Ebook Central platform and search for the ebook title.

Apologies for any inconvenience. 8 July 2020.

Orange Emerald Insight If you cannot access full text content on this platform, try clicking the 'Reset Authentication' button. The supplier is experiencing some intermittent issues following updates to their platform. November 2019
Orange The Economist We (and other institutions) are experiencing intermittent access issues with our online subscription at The Economist. We have reported these issues to The Economist. If you experience difficulties accessing articles, please contact the Library Help Service. November 2019

Colour Explanation
Red Current problem
Orange At risk or scheduled maintenance
Green Everything working or individual resource working again / query closed