Eresources Service Status

This table shows scheduled maintenance, at-risk periods and irregular eresources unavailability. See also the IT Services Status page. If you are currently experiencing problems, please contact the Library Help Service.

Status Service affected Details
Red Oxford Academic - Oxford University Press Journals No access due to a widespread technical issue at the supplier's side. They are investigating and apologise for any inconvenience. 20 January 2021
Red Oxford Scholarship Online There is a problem with access to some Oxford Scholarship ebooks. If you click on a link to an Oxford Scholarship ebook from StarPlus and see an error page which says 'DOI Not Found', please go to the OSO platform and search for the ebook's title there. The problem has been reported to our systems supplier who is investigating. Apologies for any inconvenience. 19 January 2021

Colour Explanation
Red Current problem
Orange At risk or scheduled maintenance
Green Everything working or individual resource working again / query closed