Library Services

MindSphere Lounge

The MindSphere Lounge is located on the Ground Floor and is a space used by both the Library and the Engineering department.

Library staff are available to provide help and advice, Monday to Friday. It is here that requested books from other branches of the Library can be collected and issued to accounts using the self service machines. The MindSphere Lounge is also the location where several Information and Digital Literacy Workshops take place.

Printing, photocopying and scanning facilities are available 24/7.

The Engineering department developed the MindSphere Lounge in partnership with Siemens.

Mindsphere Lounge

Level 4

The Library and Creative Media Helpdesk is located on this floor where you can find help and support. Here we have the facilities to meet with students one-to-one for more in-depth queries.

A Library Reference Room is also situated on this floor.  This collection contains the most in-demand books across all subjects. As the name suggests, the books in this collection are reference only and cannot be borrowed to ensure 24/7 access to the most popular books.

The self service laptop cabinets are located on Level 4, as well as printing and photocopying facilities.

During Exam Periods, Room 4.07 turns from a Silent Study room to a Short Stay Study Room to provide study spaces for brief periods of time when space is in high demand.

Level 4 is also where you find the Library Skills Room, the location of several Information and Digital Literacy Workshops.

Reference collection, level 4