Open Access Advisory Group

The University Open Access Advisory Group (OAAG) provides strategic leadership in the ongoing development and implementation of the University’s Open Access Policy. Core business includes advice on institutional responses to HE policy and funder requirements for openly accessible research outputs. The OAAG brings together institutional stakeholders, key researchers and professional services to steer the development of research data management services.

The OAAG meets four times a year, and reports to the University Research and Innovation Committee. The Agenda is in in two parts:

I. OA Policy and Implementation

II. Research Data Management. Membership reflects these dual interests

Terms of Reference

Open Access Policy and Implementation

  1. To advise and make recommendations on the implementation of the University’s Open Access Policy and its further development to ensure it is fit-for-purpose.
  2. To promote awareness and understanding of policy and funder requirements, within the context of UK government-led goals and priorities for open access.
  3. To monitor and report on institutional performance and institutional readiness.
  4. To consult on Open Access matters pertaining to the institutional environment and the broader external landscape.
  5. To provide input as required to external consultations on Open Access matters.

Research Data Management

  1. To advise and make recommendations on RDM service development.
  2. To increase the visibility of RDM through consultation with researchers and a programme of activities to raise awareness and develop capabilities.
  3. To identify initiatives supporting effective partnerships in service delivery and a sustainable approach to RDM.
  4. To monitor and report on institutional readiness in response to changing funder expectations and policy development for open science, including discovery, sharing and preservation of data.


Professor John Derrick


Professor John Derrick, Acting Vice-President and Head of Faculty of Science


  • Awaiting appointment


  • Mr Gavin Boyce, Head of Head of Faculty Engagement and Partnerships, University Library


Representatives from Professional Services

  • Mrs Anne Horn, Director of Library Services & University Librarian
  • Mrs Deborah McClean, Director of Research Services
  • Mr Nathan Cunningham, Assistant Director, Research & Infrastructure, CiCS

Faculty Directors of Research & Innovation

  • Professor Robert Shoemaker, Arts and Humanities
  • Professor John Haycock, Engineering
  • Professor Chris Newman, Medicine, Dentistry and Health
  • Professor James Wilsdon, Social Sciences
  • Professor Simon Foster, Science

Research Data Management Stakeholders

  • Dr Andrew Narracott, Department of Cardiovascular Sciences
  • Dr Mike Croucher, Department of Computer Science
  • Mr. Michael Pidd, Humanities Research Institute
  • Dr Tom Stafford, Department of Psychology
  • Dr Cecile Perrault, Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Professor Alasdair Rae, Department for Urban Studies & Planning
  • Professor Helen Kennedy, Department of Sociological Studies
  • Dr Dorothy Ker, Department of Music

Co-opted Members

  • Professor Stephen Pinfield, Information School
  • Mr Andrew Booth, School of Health and Related Research
  • Mr Robert Collins, Deputy Director of Operations, Social Science Faculty