Microsoft Word Referencing Tool

Microsoft Word provides a simple referencing tool for citing and creating bibliographies. This can be found in the 'Citations & Bibliography' group on the References tab in Word. Here you can manually add the details of the books or articles you want to cite and Word will automatically reformat them into a referencing style of your choice. (Please note that there are a limited number of referencing styles available. See the Information Skills Tutorials for advice on the referencing style required by your department.) This guide from Microsoft Office provides a good introduction to using the referencing tool.

Frequently asked questions

  • Should I use EndNote or the Microsoft Word referencing tool?

The Microsoft Word referencing tool is useful if you only have a limited number of resources. If you are dealing with lots of references we would recommend using more advanced reference management software such as EndNote. For help using EndNote see the Information Skills Tutorials.

  • What if I can't see the 'Citations & Bibliography' group in Word?

If any other reference management software has been installed then this may mean you can no longer see the 'Citations & Bibliography' group. You can get this back as follows: click the arrow next to the Quick Access Toolbar at the top of the screen and select 'More commands'. From 'All Commands' select 'Citations & Bibliography' then click 'Add' and 'OK' to add the 'Citations & Bibliography' button to your Quick Access Toolbar.

  • Will Word save my references for future use?

All references will be saved to your computer's C drive. To share references or use them on another computer follow these instructions: click on the Start Menu and in the search box type %APPDATA%. Select the 'Roaming' folder, then look in the 'Microsoft' subfolder for 'Bibliography'. Your reference list should be saved here as an .xml file. Once you have found this file copy and save it to a memory stick. You can then use this file on any other computer.

  • Can I transfer my references to EndNote?

References created using the Microsoft Word referencing tool can be imported into EndNote or EndNote Online (to do this, you need to have the EndNote Cite While You Write plug-in installed). Open the document you want to import from, and select the 'Export to EndNote' option from the EndNote menu (select either 'Export Citations' or 'Export Master List' options). The references should appear in your unfiled references group in Endnote or Endnote Online.

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