What assistive technology and software is available?

The University provides a range of assistive technology and software, as follows:

Stand-alone Video Magnifiers
There are stand-alone video magnifiers in the Information Commons (IC), Diamond, Western Bank Library (WBL) and Royal Hallamshire Hospital Library (RHHL).

Simply turn on the magnifier and place your printed book or document on the magnifier’s reading platform. This platform is on rollers, so you can move it easily from left to right, backwards and forwards. You can then adjust the contrast, colour and magnification of the image on the monitor.

The magnification range of the Eclipse magnifier at RHHL (illustrated below) is 3 to 50 times the original, whilst that of the Aurora HD magnifiers in the Diamond, IC and RHHL is 2 to 70 times.

You can find instructions on the Zoomax website.

IC text magnifier

Assistive Software

Some programs are delivered via the University network, while others are installed on specific PCs only.
Below is a list of licensed assistive software available to registered members of the University.  You can find links to further information on the right:

  • Audio Notetaker
  • ClaroRead
  • Dolphin EasyConverter
  • Inspiration
  • JAWS
  • Lex
  • MindView
  • Readit
  • Read & Write
  • ZoomText

Please see Accessing CiCS Services for details of other assistive software available via the University network, along with useful IT tips, including zoom functions.

Further information and comments

If you would like further information or wish to comment on any aspect of the service for disabled and dyslexic customers, please contact us by: