Doctoral Development Programme (DDP) workshops

The library offers a range of workshops for PhD researchers as part of the Doctoral Development Programme. Our workshops aim to help you to develop the skills you need throughout the research process, from literature searching, referencing, managing research data, through to identifying places to publish your work.

Below is a list of the workshops we currently offer

Fast Track: literature searching & reference management

This workshop combines ‘Tools for literature searching’ and ‘Introduction to EndNote’ in one 4-hour session.

Tools for literature searching

This workshop introduces literature searching tools including StarPlus, multidisciplinary citation databases (such as Web of Science and Scopus) and subject-specific databases.

Introduction to Endnote

This session introduces Endnote Online, a web-based tool to help you collect, organise and format your references, citations and bibliographies. It is aimed at beginners with no prior experience of using Endnote.

Looking after your research data

This workshop will help you to get the most out of your data by keeping it safe and secure, organising, describing, archiving and sharing it, and by augmenting it with pre-existing data from a variety of sources.

Fast Track: the influential researcher

This workshop will explore various ways to raise your online profile and increase the visibility of your research. This workshop combines ‘Where to Publish?’, ‘Sharing your research’, and ‘Standing out from the crowd’ in one 4-hour session.

Where to Publish? Using metrics to find influential journals and authors

This workshop introduces 'bibliometric' and 'altmetric' tools to help you find highly-cited and highly-discussed journals and authors in your field. We will explore how metrics can help you to decide which journals to submit your papers to, and which authors you may wish to collaborate with.

Sharing your research

This workshop will introduce the principles of Open Access publishing and explore how sharing your research publications and data online can help boost the impact of your work. We will demonstrate the University’s open access repositories.

Standing out from the crowd

This session will introduce you to online tools to help you maximize your influence on the research community, create an online personal profile which will be visible to other researchers and to possible employers, and assess the impact of others.

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