Library Course pack service: support for Academic Staff

Course packs are particularly appropriate where large numbers of students are all expected to read the same book chapter or journal article each week, especially if there is no course text book available.
The advantage for staff is that all items included in course packs will be copyright cleared by the Library. The advantage for students is that they can purchase a bound set of key readings without having to locate items on the Library shelves and queue to photocopy each one individually.
Course pack production is possible for publishers in the UK and most English-speaking countries (but not all publishers in the USA) and some European countries. Further information on the copyright licence is available from the CLA website.
The Library offers advice on course pack contents, clears copyright on articles or book chapters not covered by the licence, and organises a master copy of the course pack contents to send to the University's Print and Design Solutions service. The price of each paper course pack to a student depends on the printing and binding costs, plus £2.50 to cover the Library's administration costs.

The following steps are involved in setting up a pack through the Library:

  1. Discussion with the Learning Resources Coordinator on the potential size of a course pack
  2. A list of items for the course pack should be sent to the Library for copyright checking to ensure the University is operating within the Law and the CLA Licence
  3. Please give us full bibliographic details including the publisher, year and page numbers
  4. Agreement on final content of the course pack where problems have arisen e.g. where we do not own a copy of the work or the requested item exceeds what is allowed under the CLA licence
  5. To obtain an estimate from the University's Print and Design Solutions service, which will include the Library’s administration charge of £2.50 per pack, we need to know the number of packs required i.e. no. of students and no. of lecturers for that course
  6. The master coursepack, including a contents page, is returned to the course leader for administration in Department
  7. The Department pays for the printing, receives the course packs and sells them directly to the students to recover the cost

For further details, please contact the Learning Resources Manager ( or (0114) 222-7249)