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The National Fairground and Circus Archive (NFCA) was established in 1994, and embodies a unique resource of international significance covering the history of popular entertainment from the nineteenth century onwards.

The team is responsible for the development and curation of the collection of photographic, printed, manuscript and audiovisual material.

The material ranges from the early fairground and allied industries such as early cinema, circus, magic and variety, to the University’s heritage collections, and for active engagement with a range of audiences through events and exhibitions, media and publicity.

In addition, the team consults and collaborates with researchers and students on digital humanities research and projects, serving as a resource where digital techniques and collections bring opportunities to advance scholarly work.

Special collections is responsible for the curation and care of over 25,000 rare books and more than 150 collections of archives and subject-based collections of books and documents.

As well as supporting research and learning within the University, the team shares expertise and builds relationships with the wider community through engaging the collections with individuals and with exhibitions, consultancies and events.

In addition, the team runs an ongoing digitisation programme to make selected items from the collections freely available over the web and works with colleagues to ensure the ongoing preservation of digitised and born-digital material.

Heritage collections

The Heritage collections consist of thousands of objects that the University has acquired since its foundation in 1905.

These include oil paintings, watercolours, sculpture, art glass in the Turner Museum of Glass, medals, silver, scientific instruments and the Alfred Denny Museum of Zoology. 

Some of these are used on a daily basis for teaching and research. Others demonstrate the history and development of the university and its position as one of the UK’s leading universities.

As many as possible are available to the public; the University’s large collection of pictures in a variety of media are displayed in offices, coffee shops, libraries, study and workspaces all over the campus.


Angela Haighton

Head of Special Collections, Heritage, and Archives and Interim Head of Library Business Services

+44 7808 890 111

Emily Green

Interim Deputy Head of Special Collections, Heritage & Archives and 
University Heritage Collections Manager

Phone: +44 114 222 1369

Amanda Bernstein

Rare Books Librarian

Phone: +44 114 222 7282

Arantza Barrutia

National Fairground and Circus Archive Manager

Phone: +44 114 222 7266

Laura Smith-Brown

Special Collections Manager

Phone: +44 114 222 7235

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