See how you make a difference

You said we did number 1

You asked for the addition of more private study booths for quiet study...

We redesigned Level 5 in the Information Commons and now provide 62 private study booths in that area.

you said we did 3

You asked us for the Information Commons to receive a makeover...

We introduced a fresh new colour scheme and new carpets throughout, increased the number of chairs and replaced worn furniture with an array of new study furniture.

you said we did 2

You asked for more study spaces during exam time...

We teamed up with the Students’ Union and the University’s Accommodation Services to provide extra dedicated study spaces on and off campus.

short stay

You asked for a new type of space in the Diamond dedicated to short term study...

We turned Room 4.07 into a short stay study zone for study of up to one hour for when you’re in-between places.

extra space

You asked for additional study spaces throughout the Diamond...

We quickly added over 200 new extra spaces!


You asked for more power sockets in Western Bank Library Reading Room...

When we installed over 250 new desks and improved the lighting, we significantly increased the number of desks with power supply.

group study

You asked for different styles of study spaces in the Information Commons...

These include spaces for individual independent study, spaces where students can study with their peers, and spaces where postgraduate students can study in a more suitable environment. We used student feedback to create a good balance between collaborative and more individual spaces with an imaginative use of formal desks, screens, sofas and plants. We also upgraded our desks to ensure that they all have individual lighting.


You asked us to make our loan system fairer and high demand books circulate more efficiently...

We became one of the first Universities in the UK to stop charging fines for overdue library books, introduced dynamic loan periods and an extensive book request system and began automatically renewing your books for you when they are not requested by another student.

gardne room

You asked for a place of relaxation and calm...

The Garden Room is a student space for wellbeing and relaxation, situated on the ground floor of the Information Commons. This space not only offers students a comfortable, relaxing break from their studies, it also serves to encourage students to take regular study breaks. We worked closely with students to inform the furniture choices, resources and layout of the room. It is hoped that by providing a calming environment, this will contribute towards greater student wellbeing and lower levels of stress and anxiety amongst those who use it.

study break

You asked to work with us on how your learning spaces are managed...

We listened and together introduced the Study Break Scheme across all Library sites.


You asked us to make UCard scanners at Library entrances clearer for students with visual impairments...

We added coloured frames to scanners to make them easier to see.

Stretching area in The Diamond

You asked for a place to stretch and unwind in the Library during the exam period.

We added new exam-time stretching areas in the Information Commons (Level 1), Western Bank Library (Level 4), and The Diamond (Levels 1 and 4).


You asked us to provide more desk lighting  in the Information Commons...

Task lighting is an effective way of giving students an element of personalisation to their study space, improving their comfort and study experience.
We have provided more consistency on all levels. Research from other UX projects involving students, such as the recent refurbishment of the mixed study space on Level 1 of the IC suggests that most students prefer plenty of light at their study space, or the ability to personalise their study space by controlling the amount of light.


You asked for us to expand and replace high use and monograph collections in the Information Commons...

By scaling up our current approach to high demand purchasing criteria, and pre-empting use of high demand texts, we can actively take steps to ensure students have enough copies of high demand texts. This will improve the student experience with the library, helping us to retain our position as a leading University for student satisfaction.

study spaces

You asked us to make it easier to find study spaces...

During UX interviews with students, some students indicated that they weren’t aware of which spaces they could or could not use for their studies.
By developing an app to aid students in finding a place to study, this project will make better use of students study time by reducing the time spent attempting to find a place to study. By highlighting the availability of other study spaces, demand on high occupancy study places should be reduced as students find other places to study. As exam revision can be a challenging time for some students, making better use of the students study time by helping them to find a study space quickly and effectively should contribute towards the improved wellbeing of those who may be feeling stressed.


Diversity in the Library Collection...

The Diversity in the Library Collection project aims to create a set of foundations for the Library to become more inclusive, through addressing issues of under-representation in its collection. It will address not just the makeup of the Library content, but the approaches taken in obtaining that content, making the Library better placed to address issues of diversity and inclusivity amongst its collection.

To students and staff, the impact of being part of a community which is active in its approach to addressing historic and societal biases and under-representation will give visibility and agency to groups who have felt excluded. The project will support faculty initiatives designed to decolonise course curricula and support the Learning and Teaching Strategic theme of inclusive learning, with the aim of developing a more holistic approach to how the Library develops its collections.