Newspapers in the Library

Contemporary newspapers
Nexis provides news content from a range of UK national and regional newspapers, international and foreign language news sources.
UK Press Online.
Economist - Online subscription covers unlimited access to all articles at
Financial Times ( Online edition and access to the ePaper, an exact digital replica of different editions of the printed newspaper (e.g. UK, Asia, USA).
Times Higher Education Unlimited access to THE content online. is a directory linking to newspapers from around the world in a variety of languages.
Newspaper Archives

Gale Primary Sources:

Proquest Historical Newspapers:

UK Press Online
  • Daily Express: 1900 - present
  • Daily Mirror: 1903 - present
  • Daily Star: 2000 - present
  • Daily Star Sunday: 2002 - present
  • South Eastern Gazette: 1852 - 1912
  • Sunday Express: 2000 - present
Irish Newspaper Archives Offers electronic versions of Irish newspapers from the 1700's to the present.
Independent Voices a digital collection of alternative press newspapers.
Punch Historical Archive, 1841-1992
(for other archives containing newspaper content see History Subject Guide)

Foreign language newspapers

Microfilm newspapers

Japanese newspapers available in the Library

Microfilm newspapers are kept in the Wolfson Technology Resource Centre in Western Bank Library. A list of microfilm newspapers is available

If you need further information about newspapers, contact the librarian for your department.