Newspapers in the Library and on the Internet

Newspaper databases (available only to members of the University)
17th and 18th Century Burney Collection - contains the digitised versions of the content of the Reverend Charles Burney collection held at the British Library
Daily Express (1900-) and Daily Mirror Archives (1903-) via UKPressOnline
Daily Mail Historical Archive - full text 1896-2004 and also includes the Atlantic editions 1923-1931

Financial Times ( Online edition and access to the ePaper, an exact digital replica of different editions of the printed newspaper (e.g. UK, Asia, USA)

Financial Times Historical Archive The complete searchable facsimile run of the daily business newspaper, from 1888 to 2010.
Guardian & Observer Historical Archive provides full text in the original layout from 1791-2003
Independent Voices a digital collection of alternative press newspapers
Irish Newspaper Archives Offers electronic versions of Irish newspapers from the 1700's to the present. The archives are searchable by keyword, and search results include page images and original pagination, as well as articles.
Japan Times Digital Archive includes digital and searchable scans of all pages published in The Japan Times between 1897 and 2015. The Japan Times is an English-language daily newspaper published in Japan
Listener Historical Archive, 1929-1991
Nexis provides news content from a range of UK national and regional newspapers, international and foreign language news sources.

Sunday Times Digital Archive

Times Digital Archive provides full text up to 2011

Times Higher Education provides analysis and insight on higher education

Internet newspapers

Microfilm newspapers

Chronicling America: historic American newspapers is a directory linking to newspapers from around the world in a variety of languages is a directory of online news media

Microfilm newspapers are kept in the Wolfson Technology Resource Centre in Western Bank Library.

A list of microfilm newspapers is available

Foreign language newspapers

Japanese newspapers available in the Library
Useful websites for Modern Languages
Useful websites for East Asian Studies

Use StarPlus to check for specific titles.

If you need further information about newspapers, contact the librarian for your department.