Subject guide to Standards

During your studies you may need to search for information about standards. Standards are an accepted method or way of working. They provide the technical details and guidelines to ensure consistency and quality in materials, products, processes and services. They are useful for current information about new technologies, processes and industrial developments.

You can use the following databases to search for full text standards - 

British Standards Online (BSOL) - access to full text British Standards. BSOL content is wide-ranging and includes services as well as products. BSOL also includes national adoptions of ISO, EN and IEC standards.

IEEE Xplore - fulltext database that includes more than 6,000 technical IEEE standards. Collections include information technology, power and energy, smart grid research & telecommunications.

SAE Mobilus - current and historical aerospace and ground vehicle standards.

ASTM Compass - ASTM standards and technical engineering information. Subject areas covered include iron and steel products, textiles, rubber, nonferrous metal products and medical devices.

Eurocodes - agreed standards for the design of buildings and civil engineering structures adopted by all EU Member States. Eurocodes can be found in BSOL under their BS EN number or by using keywords.

Further useful online resources

There are national, regional and international standards bodies and organisations that produce and regulate standards. Below are some useful web resources.
Please note that fulltext access may not be available to individual standards. You may be able to find some standards using the databases above.

bsi. - British Standards Institution. (You can use BSOL to search for British Standards)

ISO – International Organization for Standardization.  (You can use BSOL to search for BSI adoptions of international standards)

ASHRAE - American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Condition Engineers

ANSI - standards information from the American National Standards Institute

CEN - European Commitee for Standardization. (You can use BSOL to search for BSI adoptions of European standards)

IEC - International Electrotechnical Commission prepares and publishes international standards for all electrical, electronic and related technologies. (You can use BSOL to find BSI adoptions of IEC standards)

IEEE-SA - (International Standards Association) bring together a broad range of individuals and organisiation to develop standards. (You can find IEEE standards using IEEE Xplore)

ASTM International - develop standards used in a broad range of global industries including metals, construction and petroleum. (You can find ATSM standards using ASTM Compass)

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