Further resources for Physics and Astronomy

The following databases are available:

NASA ADS NASA astrophysics data system (ADS) is an abstracting service offering a search interface into the scientific and technical literature covering astronomy, planetary science, physics, and the arXiv e-prints
arXiv Open Access research papers in physics and related disciplines, mathematics, computational linguistics, and neuroscience
INSPIRE The high energy physics information system
Journal citation reports JCR identifies the highest impact journals in your area
Nexis News content from a range of UK national and regional newspapers, international and foreign language news sources

The following resources are freely available on the open web:

American Institute of Physics Home page of the AIP
EurekAlert! News server including news for physics/chemistry and space/planetary science
PhysicsWeb Comprehensive site from the Institute of Physics Publishing including physics news, company, career and events information
PhysLink Information for physics students and teachers, including a directory of university and college physics and astronomy departments worldwide
Royal Astronomical Society Home page of the RAS