Resource Lists FAQs

From 2017-18, the resource lists service has been improved, offering new functionality to students and staff as well as offering better integration with MOLE courses.

The Library's Learning Resources Section continue to process and deliver your lists if you submit list documents to

However you can now also create and maintain your own lists, supported by the Library. For guidance on how to do this please see the Resource Lists for staff: video guide.

What has changed with the Resource Lists service?

The new Resource Lists service, powered by Leganto software, is now part of the institutional MOLE course template. Alternatively it can be added to courses as a course tool. See the MOLE Course Refresh page for further information.

I would like to create my own list, how can I do this?

You can create a list yourself by following the simple steps in this Resource Lists for staff: video guide

The Resource Lists service also includes online help - see the 'Help' option in the top-right-hand 'User' menu.

However, this is optional and you can continue to submit lists via the traditional route at

Do I have to create a list myself?

No, the new service provides the option of creating your own lists, but there is no necessity to do so.

You can continue to submit requests and documents to the Library will be pleased to work with you in updating your list; Please email

Can I re-use last year’s list?

Yes, you can do this, but you will need to let the Library know that your resource requirements have not changed in order to carry the necessary content forward to the next session.

The Library does not wish to publish out-of-date material, and the University is obliged to renew copyright permissions on e-offprints (digitized extracts). Please contact the Learning Resources Section at with your requirements.

How long will it take for a list to become available?

Lists are processed in the order received by the Library. At busy times of year, for example at the start of semester, this can take longer.

If the list requires material which is not currently held by the Library, or requests the digitisation of new e-offprints, it may take more time for the whole list to become fully available.

I have submitted a list to but I cannot find it?

If you have submitted a list but is has not yet appeared it may not have been fully processed by the Library, and so the system may not yet display a published list.

It will be processed in due course and then the link will take students through to the appropriate list.

Please contact the Learning Resources Section at with any queries.

Do I have to create a new link in MOLE?

No. The new MOLE course menu link will take you through to the list once it has been properly processed.

Each MOLE course has a unique code which is passed from the link to the Resource Lists system. Published lists are associated with the unique MOLE course code so the MOLE link will take users through to the appropriate content.

If you have any questions about adding or changing links in MOLE, please contact the Learning Resources Section at, or refer to the MOLE Course Refresh pages for further information.

Will creating my own list make it available sooner?

Yes, it may do, depending on the type of material being added.

If the list only contains material already held by the Library then the process should be simple and more rapid.

However, where there are items which are not in stock, or where copyright permissions may be required for e-offprints (digitized extracts), these requests will take time to be processed. Please contact the Library with your requirements.  (