Life festival photo gallery 2014

Children in the Medical School cafe using Play-doh to learn about teeth Dr Dawn Harper gives an insight into her medical world People jogging taking part in bootcamp
A panel discussion following a screening of Inside the Human Body: Creation Four young people in the audience of The Value of Citizen Science A group of young people finding out about reproductive research
Dr Greenfield speaking at After Cancer Treatment A child learns about the importance of teeth brushing at Teddy Bear Hospital Two women reading the programme for Life festival
An academic discussing the cardiovascular system and related research Phoenix Project: art exhibition exploring patients’ attitudes to sex and relationships during cancer A visitor finding out research into heart tubes
Two girls finding out about research involving zebrafish A teddy bear in the MRI Machine at Teddy Bear Hospital A gGroup activity during the Bootcamp in Weston Park
The audience at After Cancer Treatment: What Now? in Firth Hall A young boy looking down a microscope at the Medical School cafe Dr Dawn Harper from Embarrassing Bodies with Dr Allan Pacey and Greg Oldfield
A student with an x-ray at Teddy Bear Hospital, part of the full teddy health check-up An academic discussing research into the female reproductive system A boy extracting DNA from a strawberry