Commitment to the Community

Community engagement is very important to the University of Sheffield.

Working with local groups, businesses and schools is commonplace and the benefits extend to all parties – whether it’s in terms of research collaboration, making a positive contribution to the culture of the city or being good neighbours.

The Faculty of Social Sciences, which Sheffield University Management School is part of, is involved in a range of community engagement projects that include supporting local businesses, allowing school pupils to experience the legal system and improving the community environment. Find more information at

One of the Management students’ more significant projects was in tandem with a local law firm and the Business in the Community CARES programme. Our students worked with staff from the firm and the programme to refurbish a local young people’s centre

This was of immediate benefit to the centre’s users but – in terms of wider impact – the encouragement of social responsibility through the school’s engagement and working with local companies is a long-term benefit, which also helps to encourage our managers of the future to understand the importance of social responsibility in business.

Following the project, we spoke to one of the students: “I really enjoyed the CARES community project and from being a team leader I have overcome my fear of public speaking. My confidence has improved greatly.

“It gave me the opportunity to lead a team and have some real responsibility, which I relished. Furthermore, working with so many different people was great as I developed my communication skills. You are giving something back to the community, and gaining an enormous feeling of wellbeing – you get a lot from the experience.”

By listening to the community, our students can make a positive contribution to the city with projects such as this. However, the university’s contribution doesn’t end there. With a number of educational courses, and public events and lectures for residents, we give something back to the culture of the city.

For more information on the university’s contribution to community engagement, click here.