Widening participation

The University of Sheffield has a long-standing commitment to widening participation and fair access, not only to our programmes but also to higher education in general. Sheffield University Management School has undertaken a number of widening participation objectives and is in the process of expanding the programme.

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In 2013 the University of Sheffield joined a major national scheme to help under-represented groups get into top universities. Realising Opportunities is an award-winning collaboration of leading universities promoting fair access to higher education and encouraging social mobility. By working together the group aims to raise awareness and understanding of research intensive universities and encourage academically able young people from socially and economically disadvantaged backgrounds to increase their aspirations. As part of the scheme, year 12 and 13 students access events, activities and support specifically designed to increase their likelihood of applying to and succeeding at a research intensive university.

Community engagement

As a civic institution, the University of Sheffield has a commitment to its community.

Working with local groups, businesses and schools is commonplace and the benefits extend to all parties – whether it’s in terms of research collaboration, making a positive contribution to the culture of the city or being good neighbours. The Faculty of Social Sciences, which Sheffield University Management School is part of, is involved in a range of community engagement projects that include supporting local businesses, allowing school pupils to experience the legal system and improving the community environment.

By listening to the community, our staff and students can make a positive contribution to the city with projects such as this. However, the university’s contribution doesn’t end there. With a number of and public events and lectures for residents, we give something back to the culture of the city.

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