How to apply

Final year undergraduates and final year postgraduate masters students can apply for the 2022 award. First and second year undergraduates can participate in our Pathway to the Dean's List Challenge.

Dean's List winner receiving award

The skills and behaviours developed through these years will provide a deeper understanding of how to evidence achievements when applying for the Dean's List award in the final year of Undergraduate study.


Postgraduate Award: Friday 30 September 2022, 4pm

Level 3 Undergraduate Award: Applications have closed for 2021-22.

Level 1 & 2 Undergraduate Pathway Challenges: Applications have closed for 2021-22.

Before you apply

Once you have submitted your application, you won't be able to edit it so, before applying ask yourself these important questions: 

  • Have you read the Criteria and the Factsheet, on the More Information page?
  • Do your answers show all you have accomplished, contributed and achieved - including the extent (e.g. duration) of what you did and what you learned as a result?
  • Do they show what you have done over and above the expectations of your degree programme? 
  • Do they focus on the period of time during your current degree programme? 
  • Is your supporting evidence ready to upload with your final award application? 

If you are ready to apply, click on the relevant link below to go to the online application form for your challenge or award level.

Level 1 challenge - first year undergraduates

Entries for the 2021-22 Dean's List Level 1 Pathway Challenge have now closed. 

Level 2 challenge - second year undergraduates

Entries for the 2021-22 Dean's List Level 2 Pathway Challenge have now closed. 

Level 3 award - final year undergraduates

Applications for the 2021-22 Dean's List Level 3 Undergraduate Award have now closed. 

Postgraduate award - final year taught postgraduates

Click 'Apply for the postgraduate award' below to submit your application via the online form, for the final year Postgraduate Award.

Apply for the postgraduate award