To meet the criteria for the Dean's List you must demonstrate a progressive approach to growth in your own employability skills, and have made a positive impact on an organisation. The criteria is explained in detail below.


Social Responsibility criteria

  • SR1: Demonstrating a proactive contribution to the life of the University through engagement in operational activities within the School, with societies, clubs or external charitable organisations.
  • SR2: Demonstrating active engagement in the advancement of society through sustainability or social action activities (within or outside of the University).
  • SR3: Demonstrating proactive and inclusive engagement with fellow students, by supporting their employability, academic needs or well-being (in an educational or social setting).

Here are a few examples to help you with this process:

  • Proactive concern for wider society and/or environment.
  • Examples of supporting other students or others outside of the University.
  • Contributing to the Management School by working in operational, administrative or voluntary roles.
  • Involvement in local community initiatives.

Employable Students criteria

  • ES1: Demonstrate an active pursuit of improving own career prospects, resulting in growth in skills and experience likely to be valued by a prospective employer.
  • ES2: Demonstrate an active pursuit of improving own interpersonal skills and emotional well-being to prepare for the complexities of working life.
  • ES3: Demonstrate a proactive approach to gaining exposure to the world of work in preparation for future employability.

Here are a few examples of personal attributes to help you with this process:

  • Creating new opportunities for the employer.
  • Displaying a positive attitude to work, showing how this has made a difference.
  • Using your own initiative to sell or influence new strategies and ideas.
  • Displaying resilience and courage in the face of personal or professional challenges.
  • Making a significant difference to specific projects, campaigns or areas of responsibility in a workplace environment - that has both helped the employer and lead to personal growth.
  • Evidence you could use to back-up this criteria include securing a graduate level role, completing a one-year placement or an internship.

Criteria and Application Toolkit

Read about the Mission and Vision of the Management School and view additional sources of employability related guidance and the Dean’s List criteria:

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