Mr Drilon Lajci

Room: A01, Management Doctoral Centre

Bachelors in Business Administration (Management) at University of Sheffield

Masters in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations at University of Sheffield


Mr. Drilon Lajci is a Doctoral Researcher in Management at Sheffield Management School. He has received his Bachelor Degree in Management at Faculty of Business Administration, and Masters in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations at University of Sheffield. His research interests are related to employee voice, employee relations, engagement at work, communication at work, labour policies, role of institutions and political economy.


Prof. Jason Heyes and Dr. Leslie Szamosi

Thesis Title

Factors influencing Multinational Corporations HR practices and their impact on employee voice and employee relations: A developing country perspective

Scope of Research (aims and objectives)

The main aim of the research is to understand how the decision in regards to entry mode, establishment and ownership type influence MNCs’ HRM practices and how this affects employee voice, silence and employee relations.

Project Objectives:
1) Explore how different entry and establishment modes affect employee voice and silence when organizations undertake FDI.
2) Explore the impact that ownership change may have on employee voice.
3) Unearth the effects that isomorphism has on employee voice and employee relations in Multinational Corporations.
4) Explore how voice and silence are perceived from both the managerial and employee perspectives
5) Unearth how employee voice influences employee engagement and satisfaction in a multinational corporation context.

Conference presentations

Exploring the role of e- Marketing Initiatives and e-RM in e-Banking
Services within the Financial Services Sector Opportunities and
Challenges in Kosovo presented in ICEIRD Conference in Thessaloniki, Greece.