Ms Leanne Ingram

BSc (Hons) Psychology, The University of Sheffield – Upper Second Class
MSc Occupational Psychology, The University of Sheffield – Distinction
BPS Assistant Test User - Occupational
BPS Occupational Test User – Ability
Graduate Member of the British Psychological Society.
In-Training Member of the Division of Occupational Psychology within the British Psychological Society.


A01, Management School Doctoral Centre,
169-171 Northumberland Road,
Sheffield, S10 1DF

Telephone: +44 (0)114 222 3459
Twitter: @Ingram_Leanne

Thesis Title

Evaluating Mindfulness Training in the Workplace and its work-specific benefits.


Dr Jeremy Dawson
Dr Angela Carter

Scope of Research (aims and objectives)

Evaluating Mindfulness Training in the Workplace, and its work-specific benefits:
The completion of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction has been found to significantly improve the mental health of participants in a range of populations, including healthy but stressed workers. Less is known, however, about the ways in which mindfulness practice may impact upon workplace outcomes, such as effectiveness, job satisfaction, absenteeism, workplace relationships and turnover. In 2014, Leanne will be studying the benefits to organisations and their individual employees of participating in a work-based mindfulness course, in order to inform the future tailoring of mindfulness-based stress reduction to a work context, and identify the work areas which are most susceptible to enhancement through mindfulness.

If your organisation is currently using mindfulness as a stress intervention, or is interested in doing so in the future and you would be interested in taking part in this research in order to maximise your training effectiveness, please email Leanne directly using the details above.

Alternatively, if you are a workplace mindfulness course provider, and would be interested in having your training independently evaluated to inform future practice, please also contact Leanne directly at the above email address.


Leanne began a PhD in the Management School’s Institute of Work Psychology (IWP) in October 2013. Before returning to the IWP, Leanne worked for 6 years in a busy Fire Service Control Room, where she became increasingly interested in well-being at work through her role as a health, safety and welfare representative. Leanne has graduate membership of the British Psychological Society, and is an In-Training member of the Division of Occupational Psychology, with the goal of becoming a Chartered Psychologist.

Leanne is a long-standing University of Sheffield alumna, with a BSc (Hons) in Psychology (Upper Second Class), and an MSc in Occupational Psychology (Distinction), both from the University. At undergraduate level, Leanne was primarily interested in cognitive psychology, and explored attentional processes through manipulation of the Stroop task. Leanne continued this work as a Research Assistant after graduating, leading to several publications.

At Masters level, Leanne was chosen to conduct an impartial training evaluation for a client of IWP’s consulting arm, which sparked her current interest in mindfulness in the workplace. The project was shortlisted for the IWP Dissertation of the Year, and she is currently writing up the findings to be submitted for publication. Leanne is building upon this research by continuing to explore the impact of mindfulness at work at doctoral level, and has been awarded a full scholarship by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) to pursue this avenue of research.

Recent Publications

Mellor, N. J., Ingram, L., Van Huizen, M. O., Arnold, J., & Harding, A. (2016). Mindfulness training and employee well-being. International Journal of Workplace Health Management, 9(2), 126-145.

Ingram, L. (2015). Workplace mindfulness interventions: What are the benefits, when are they appropriate, and how can organizations optimise the transfer of training? European Work and Organizational Psychology In Practice, 7, 86-98.

Stafford, T., Ingram, L., & Gurney, K. N. Pieron’s Law holds during Stroop conflict: Insights into the architecture of decision making. Cognitive Science, 35: 1553–1566.

Conference Presentations

Mellor, N., Van Huizen, M. O., Ingram, L. & Arnold, J. (2012, January). Implementing and Evaluating Mindfulness Training: A Workplace Case Study. Paper presented at the Division of Occupational Psychology Annual Conference, Chester, UK.

Stafford, T., Gurney, K. N. & Ingram, L. (2009). Pieron’s Law holds in conditions of response conflict. Proceedings of the 31st Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society, p. 2238-2243.