Mr Uday Nair

Bachelors of Engineering in Computer Science from University of Mumbai.

Masters of Business Administration in Finance from University of Sheffield.


Management Doctoral Centre, C02
169/171 Northumberland Road, Sheffield. S10 1DF.

Telephone: +44 (0) 114 222 3285


Thesis Title

"Developing Systemic Design Principles for creating a Personalized learning Environment"


Dr. John Kawalek
Dr. Niraj Kumar

Scope of Research (aims and objectives)

  1. To study the disparity caused by ‘less transcendence’ of the growth of Ubiquitous technologies on the University's existing virtual learning infrastructure.
  2. 2.To develop a framework for deriving design principles through the lens of Systems thinking for creating a Personalized learning environment.
  3. To evaluate the existing e-learning infrastructure at Universities from multiple stakeholders view point.

Recent Publications

Nair, U. (2013). Ubiquitous Approach to e-learning, EdTech Review, September 2013.

Nair,U., Singh, P. (2013). Food for Thought: Can Social Media be a Potential 'Learning tool' for Universities ?, Educational Quest : International Journal of Education and Applied Social Science, August 2013, Vol.4, Issue.2, pp. 115-119.

Nair, U. (2013). A Brief Introduction to current e-learning systems, Third Degree : The working papers of Doctoral Seminar Series, Feb.2013, Vol.1, Issue 1, pp.15-17.

Conference Presentations

"Demystifying Personal Learning Environments: A Systems perspective" , The PLE Conference 2013, 10-12th July,2013, Berlin, Germany.

"Environmental Education in India : Powered by Ubiquitous technologies" 7th World Environmental Education Congress(WEEC) 2013, 9-14th June,2013 at Palais des Congrès, in Marrakech, Morocco.

"Personalised Learning utilising sysetmic learning design" ,PELeCON 2013, Plymouth University, 10-12 April,2013.

"Systemic Design principles of e-learning systems using Ubiquitous technologies to enable capsule based learning-with focus on Research methodology",NARTI 8th Annual Doctoral Colloquium,Newcastle University Business School,10-11 July,2012.

"Edutorium: An Opera of Learning Experience by using Ubiquitous technologies", Leeds University Business School Annual Doctoral Conference,13-14th June,2012

"Introduction to the concept of memeLearning", Ireland International Conference of Education,Dublin,Ireland April,2012

"Systemic Approach to Developing Core Competence of an Organisation" Combines Sheffield Universities Doctoral Conference, Sheffield,UK on 19th-20th April,2011

Involvement in any Previous Research Projects

FP7 Call 8 & 11 : Technology Enhanced Learning. Development of e-learning platform '' with Dr.John Kawalek.