Dr Eva Kipnis

MSc, PhD

Management School

Senior Lecturer in International Marketing

+44 114 222 3461

Full contact details

Dr Eva Kipnis
Management School
Room D050
Sheffield University Management School
Conduit Road
S10 1FL

Eva holds a PhD in marketing from Durham University for which she earned the Best Thesis Award, an MSc in international marketing from The Robert Gordon University and an undergraduate degree in economics and management from Karaganda State Technical University (Kazakhstan).

Her focus on international and cross-cultural marketing and its role in promoting intercultural and international engagement for inclusion and wellbeing in the marketplace has born from her working for over 10 years (1995-2007) in Kazakhstan as a marketing practitioner with local and international businesses such as Mittal Steel.

From 2019, she serves as member of the Transformative Consumer Research Advisory Committee.

Before joining the management school Eva worked (2008-2017) at Coventry University, where she held posts of Principal Lecturer in Marketing and Associate Head for Research at the School of Marketing and Management, among others.

Eva has been an external examiner for the postgraduate suite of marketing courses at De Monfort University, and received funding for her research work from such bodies as Sheth Foundation, Framework 7 and British Council.

She also continues to work with businesses having led consultancy projects for large corporations such as Unipart and for a range of branding and design agencies in West Midlands, and is a co-founder of Multicultural MICS (Markets, Interactions, Consumption Society) network.

Research interests

My research focuses on the role and impact of marketing and consumption (of goods, services, education) on intercultural relations and identity, community conflict and participation in risky health behaviours.

I am a passionate believer in transformative powers of marketplace interactions. Meanings and narratives embodied in objects, images and experiences (re)produced and (re)interpreted by market actors (brands, organisations, media, consumers) can empower and legitimise both progressive and harmful practices.

My ambition is to promote, facilitate and encourage marketing science and education to serve the social wellbeing and positive, harmonious interactions between consumers and organisations in the global society.

My specific research interests intersect consumer behaviour and brands/branding and comprise three strands:

  1. consumers, brands and organisations in multicultural marketplaces (focus on the effects of cultural identity dynamics on consumer brand response, and multicultural branding)
  2. dark side of brands and branding (focus on effects of branding on scope and reach of illicit drug
  3. the role of organisations in marketplace-mediated consumer activism.


Journal articles


Book reviews

Conference proceedings papers

  • Kipnis Y, Demangeot C & Pullig C (2018) Consumer Multicultural Identity Affiliation: A Framework for Segmentation in Multicultural Markets. Proceedings of the 2018 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) World Marketing Congress, Porto, Portugal, 27 June 2018 - 29 June 2018. RIS download Bibtex download
  • Kipnis Y & Demangeot C (2018) A typology of consumer cultural (in)visibility in marketing representation: Consumer wellbeing implications. Proceedings of the 2018 European Marketing Academy (EMAC) conference, Glasgow, UK, 29 May 2018 - 1 June 2018. View this article in WRRO RIS download Bibtex download
  • Kipnis Y & Galalae C (2018) From the logic of identity work to an instrumental view on culturally diverse consumption: a utility theory perspective. Proceedings of the 2018 European Marketing Academy (EMAC) conference, Glasgow, UK, 29 May 2018 - 1 June 2018. View this article in WRRO RIS download Bibtex download
  • Kipnis Y, Demangeot C & Pullig C (2017) Building Organizational Multicultural Competence for Sustainable Advantage in Multicultural Marketplaces. Proceedings of the 2017 European Marketing Academy (EMAC) conference, Groningen, Netherlands, 23 May 2018 - 26 May 2017. View this article in WRRO RIS download Bibtex download
  • Kipnis Y, Vorster L & Bebek G (2017) The Role of Marketing in Building the “New” South Africa: Perpetuating or Reducing Consumer Vulnerability?. Proceedings of the 2017 European Marketing Academy (EMAC) conference, Groningen, Netherlands, 23 May 2017 - 26 May 2017. View this article in WRRO RIS download Bibtex download
Research group

Behavioural Research for Inclusivity, Sustainability and Technological Transformation (BRISTT)

    Teaching activities
    • MGT382 International Marketing
    • MGT6073 Global Marketing

    My teaching ethos is underpinned by a firm belief in the value of intercultural knowledge and engagement for developing inclusive societies. Because cultures continuingly evolve, I see my role as a facilitator of research and peer informed student learning of intercultural skills and competences needed to understand and engage with diverse, multiple and ever developing cultures in business environments.

    My teaching approach integrates experiential collaborative learning and critical reflection on the role of marketing and consumption in our understanding of cultures and attitudes intercultural engagement.

    I drew and continue to draw from my research for developing and teaching a range of specialised modules, including International and Global Marketing, Global Brand Management, Advertising Psychology and Research Methods.

    In addition to incorporating findings from my own research into my teaching, I introduce students to contemporary case studies many of which I develop to specifically address the focal areas of the topics we examine.

    Some of the case studies I developed on such topics as marketing in emerging markets and the role of culturally-insensitive marketing in intercultural relations, have been published in various textbooks.

    Both modules I currently teach, MGT382 International Marketing and MGT6073 Global Marketing, belong to the core area of my research and teaching expertise which enables me to introduce the most recent, cutting-edge findings and developments on international and multicultural marketing into my teaching practice.

    I also encourage student engagement in research beyond their degrees, through participation in student conferences and research schools.

    During my time in Coventry University I received two Excellence Awards (2015 and 2016) for research-informed teaching.

    PhD Supervision

    I welcome enquiries from prospective PhD students. Areas of PhD supervision include:

    • Culture and consumer psychology
    • Experiencing multiculture in consumption environments: consumer responses and wellbeing
    • Understanding identities of multicultural consumers
    • Consumer response to multicultural advertising
    • Advertising representation of cultural minorities, including ethnoracial groups, people with disabilities, etc.
    • Marketplace inclusion
    • The role of consumption in multicultural learning and competences development