Miss Azar Mahmoum Gonbadi


Management School

Doctoral Researcher

Production Planning Expert


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Miss Azar Mahmoum Gonbadi
Management School
Sheffield University Management School
Conduit Road
S10 1FL

My name is Azar, an ESR at the University of Sheffield. I hold a Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering from Urmia University (Iran). In my MSc dissertation, I developed a fuzzy expert system for prioritization of heterogeneous customers with different needs. After my graduation, and before joining ReTraCE as an ESR, I worked as a Production Planning expert at Orum Sanat Saman, a company active in the automotive industry in Iran.

As an Early Stage Researcher based at USFD (UK), I will focus on practical problems arising in closed-loop supply chains, where product returns and recovery are possible through several modes. A mathematical model for handling such situations will be developed, along with a meta-heuristic algorithm aimed at dealing with large and complex instances coming from real-world problems.


Research interests
  • Production, Supply Chain and Operations Management
  • Supply chain and logistics management,
  • Production and distribution systems,
  • Resource allocation,
  • Circular Economy,
  • Closed-loop supply chain network design,
  • Data mining.
  • Operations Research
  • Metaheuristics
  • Multiple criteria decision making,
  • Robust optimisation.

Journal articles


Marie-Curie Scholarship, European's Union Horizon 2020