Ms Mengran Xiong


Management School

Doctoral Researcher

Research Assistant (When and How Does Going Beyond Direct Customers Facilitate Innovation Success)

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Ms Mengran Xiong
Management School
Sheffield University Management School
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Mengran is a PhD candidate in the research group of Behavioural Research for Inclusivity, Sustainability and Technological Transformation (BRISTT) at Sheffield University Management School. She began studying in October 2019, under the supervision of Dr Yichuan Wang and Professor Hossein Olya. Her research is concerned with responsible artificial intelligence.

She also works as a Research Assistant at the Management School for the research project When and How Does Going Beyond Direct Customers Facilitate Success?. This project is funded by the British Academy and is led by Dr Sabrina Thornton. To contact Mengran about this project, please email:


MSc Marketing Management Practice - University of Sheffield

Associate Fellow of Higher Education Academy (AFHEA)

Research interests

Mengran is an interdisciplinary doctoral researcher whose interests relate to the responsibility and ethics in emerging technologies (e.g. AI) and their impacts on business practices. Her doctoral research particularly focuses on how firms' responsible AI initiatives are influencing consumers' behavioural reactions.


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Research England Funds for 2020/21

Teaching activities
  • MGT3006 - Digital Marketing
  • MGT3008 - Socially Responsible Marketing and Consumption