Mr Mike Duffy Jr


Management School

Doctoral Researcher

Sheffield Teaching Assistant:

New Venture Creation - level 3 undergraduate.

Creating Entrepreneurial Ventures – MSc.

Cultural and Creative Entrepreneurship – MSc.

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Mr Mike Duffy Jr
Management School
Sheffield University Management School
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The economic benefits of entrepreneurial activity are apparent; however, its effects on individual entrepreneurs and their wellbeing are conflicting. In comparison to organizational workers, entrepreneurs report higher levels of flourishing despite experiencing greater amounts of distress. How is it possible that entrepreneurs can sustain such satisfaction despite the surrounding stressors? To elucidate this question, this project will explore a topic that is underexplored in the entrepreneurship literature and overabundant in the entrepreneurship context – tensions.

In management and organizational studies, tensions refer to competing elements that can fuel feelings of discomfort, paralyze decision making, intertwine across domains, and intensify under conditions of resource scarcity (i.e., limited time and money). Blurred boundaries and time and financial constraints are common in the entrepreneurship context, suggesting that entrepreneurs are susceptible to an abundance of adverse tensions. In contrast, this project takes the perspective that tensions can support entrepreneurs' eudaimonic wellbeing through elevating levels of reflection, learning, and mastery. Thus, one could argue that entrepreneurs' can sustain satisfaction by engaging tensions and evoking elements of eudaimonic wellbeing. However, the entrepreneurship literature lacks a systematic understanding of these tensions, their sources, how entrepreneurs manage them, and how such tensions shape wellbeing.


MSc. Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching
Psychology. The University of East London, 2018.

Honors: Pass with Distinction. Civic Engagement
Scholarship for academic excellence, intellect, character,
and leadership with a keen sense of public duty.

B.A. Ethics and Public Policy. Bentley University, 2010.

Honors: President’s List (Spring 2010) and Dean’s List (Fall
2008 and 2009).

Research interests
  • Entrepreneur wellbeing
  • Micro-foundations of organizational paradox
  • Second Wave Positive Psychology, the dynamic interplay of positive and negative experiences