Mr Juan Pablo Winter

BA(Hons), MSc

Management School

Doctoral Researcher

Regional Officer and Advisor in the Ministry of Social Development (Chile, 2014-2016)

Evaluations Officer in Ministry of Culture (Chile, 2011-2012)

Full contact details

Mr Juan Pablo Winter
Management School
Sheffield University Management School
Conduit Road
S10 1FL

Journalist from the University of Chile with Masters’ Degrees in Public Policy from the University College London (UK) and in International Development, Poverty and Inequality from the University of Manchester (UK). I have experience in leading teams in the design, implementation, and evaluation of policies and social programs in Chile, from both the public sector (Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Social Development) and civil society organisations (Overcoming Poverty Foundation). My publications have dealt with poverty and social exclusion of indigenous groups in Chile, and with participatory development and post-disaster recovery in Colombia. In 2013, and after living two years in a rural village of the province with the highest poverty rates in South Africa, I founded Amandla Foundation, organisation that provides bursaries for children living in extreme poverty in the region. Currently, I am in the 2nd year of my PhD in Sheffield University Management School. During the first semester of this academic year I worked as a Teaching Assistant in MGT6127 Management & Organisational Theory, and in MGT682 Research Methods.


MSc International Development, Poverty & Inequality (University of Manchester)

MSc Public Policy (University College London)

BA in Journalism (University of Chile)

Research interests

I am an early career researcher, with ten years of experience as a development practitioner in both the public sector and civil society organisations. While my academic background is on communications, public policy and international development, my current research interests are on participatory development, action research, and community-based organisations in the Global South.

My PhD looks at organisational behaviour and everyday practices of a community-based organisation in an informal settlement in Durban, South Africa.

By using critical theory and action research, I am interested in analysing the forms, levels, and spaces of power where a specific informal settlement can organise for social justice and social change. I also intend to examine to what extent and how this organising can recognise and position its members as agents with rights involved in the processes of decision-making in the community.


2018- 2021 Fully- funded PhD Studentship, Sheffield University Management School, United Kingdom.

2016- 2017 Chilean Government Scholarship for Postgraduate Studies Overseas, Conicyt, Chile.

2014 RIS Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation Scholarship, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, India.

2010 Tesis País Scholarship (Postgraduate Dissertation published and sponsored), Overcoming Poverty Foundation, Chile.

2010 Domeyko Fund for Research Projects, ‘Indigenous exclusion in Chile’, Universidad de Chile, Chile.

2009- 2010 Chilean Government Scholarships for Postgraduate Studies Overseas, Conicyt, Chile.

2009 Tesis País Scholarship (Undergraduate Dissertation published and sponsored), Overcoming Poverty Foundation, Chile.

Professional activities

Founder and Director of Amandla Foundation (South Africa/ Chile 2012-Present)

Teaching Assistant Management & Organisational Theory (SUMS, 2019-2020)

Teaching Assistant Research Methods (SUMS, 2019-2020)