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About the Centre for Research into Accounting and Finance in Context (CRAFIC)

As Sheffield University Management School's newest research centre, CRAFiC aims to build on the 40-year reputation earned by the accounting and financial management division with which the division is co-extensive. Members of this division are recognised widely for their critical, inter-disciplinary and environmental research – CRAFiC aims to combine these historic strengths with new divisional interests of corporate governance provisions and corporate finance arrangements in their broader international, social and economic contexts.

CRAFiC seeks to encourage and conduct quality research into the ways in which accounting and finance are constituted and, in turn, help to constitute the broader context and institutions in which accounting and finance exist, in addition to their technical qualities.

In encouraging this calibre of research, CRAFiC seeks to understand the experience of accounting and finance from the point of view of everyone affected by accounting and finance decisions, not simply the decision makers. The research, thus, recognises the potential for accounting and finance scholarship to help build a fair and sustainable society.

Members of CRAFiC undertake projects that go beyond simple technical questions and utilise links with industry, government offices, the public sector, third sector institutions and pressure groups to help give a voice to people affected by accounting and financial decisions.

The centre directors are Professor Sumon Bhaumik and Dr Stewart Smyth.

Professor Bill LeeKey themes

The centre is organised around three key themes:

  • The 'Social and Environmental Accounting and Democratic Accountability' theme combines the longstanding research interests of Prof Frank Birkin and Linda Lewis in social and environmental accounting and Prof Bill Lee’s (pictured right) interest in social accounting and democratic accountability. The focus on democratisation that arises from the qualities of social and environmental accounting is complemented by researchers who focus on issues pertaining to the proper governance of organisations, including Lynda Burkinshaw, Dr Jeremy Eng-Tuck Cheah, Dr Naoko Komori, Dr Chaudhary Mohammed Ghafran and Prof Stuart Ogden.
  • The 'Responsible Finance and Social Banking' theme accommodates the orthodox interests in finance of Prof Chris Adcock and Dr John Fry's development of methods to analyse asset return distribution and the corporate finance work of Dr Minh Nguyen, Dr Neng Jiang, Dr Shuxing Yin and Dr Oleksandr Talavera. It brings these together with the less orthodox research into credit unions of Dr John Brierley and Prof Bill Lee and Dr Jeremy Chea’s studies of the relationship between social responsibility and finance.
  • The 'Research Methods for International Studies of Accounting and Finance' theme pulls together Prof Frank Birkin's research in China, with that of Prof John Cullen's studies in Brazil, Dr Neng Jiang investigations of India and China, Dr Naoko Komori's studies of Japan. Prof Sumon Bhaumik’s investigations in India and Prof Bill Lee’s research in New Zealand.


Academic staff:
Prof Chris Adcock, Prof Sumon Bhaumik (centre co-director), Prof Frank Birkin, Dr John Brierley, Lynda Burkinshaw,  Prof John Cullen, Dr Chaudhary Mohammed Ghafran, Jonathan Jeffrey, Dr Neng Jiang, Dr Naoko Komori, Prof Bill Lee, Linda Lewis, Prof Josephine Maltby, Dr Minh Nguyen, Dr Helen Oakes, , Dr Stewart Smyth (centre co-director),and Shuxin Yin.

PhD students:
Abdurlrahman Al Jabr, Badr Banhmeid, Andreas Barasel-Bofinger, Richard Bruce, Eyad El-Habel, Azam Mazraei Farahani,  Mohammed Khawaji, Zhen Liu, Saioa San Miguel Bell, Christopher Tsui, Wei Xiang, and S Purewsuren.

The centre is also open to others inside and outside the School, who are interested in the construction and management of technologies of accounting and finance, and their impact.


CRAFiC is engaging fully with the Management School's research seminar series. You can view and book onto the School's events on the Management Gateway.