A to Z list of Research Interests

Research Interest Staff Member
Accountability Sharif Khalid
Accountability Bill Lee
Accountability in eco-labelling Sanjay Lanka
Accounting and culture Naoko Komori
Accounting education Olga Cam
Accounting for externalities Sanjay Lanka
Accounting for sustainability Frank Birkin
Accounting literature, analysis of Jim Haslam
Accounting and local community Jim Haslam
Acculturation Lien Monkhouse
Action research Malcolm Patterson
Activity-based costing John Brierley
Activity-based costing Wael Hadid
Ageing and organisation Diane Burns
Agent based modelling Dermot Breslin
Aggression Christine Sprigg
Agri-food supply chain Sonal Choudhary
Agroecology accounting Sanjay Lanka
Alternative dispute resolution Paul Latreille
Analysis of corporate disclosures Jim Haslam
Anti-corporate campaigns Jon Burchell
Anti- and pro-social employee behaviours Malcolm Patterson
Arts Daragh O'Reilly
Art markets Marta Herrero
Art museums Marta Herrero
Arts and cultural management Marta Herrero
Arts marketing Marta Herrero
Arts marketing and consumption Daragh O'Reilly
Asset management  Andrew Brint
Audit firms Naoko Komori
Auditing expectations gap Jim Haslam
Audit quality Chaudry Ghafran
Austerity Jason Heyes
Banking and financial markets Lei Chen
Banks and financial markets Sumon Bhaumik
Bank performance Neng Jiang
Big data analytics Lien Monkhouse
Biodiversity accounting Sanjay Lanka
Brand and consumption communities Navdeep Athwal
Branding Ranis Cheng
Branding Daragh O'Reilly
Branding Julie Alevizou
Branding and authenticity Navdeep Athwal
Branding and sustainability Julie Alevizou
Bullying Christine Sprigg
Business and international development David Littlewood
Business continuity Martina McGuinness
Business intelligence Stuart Maguire
Business models Tim Vorley
Calculation of product costs and how they are used in decision making John Brierley
Call centres (employee well-being) Christine Sprigg
Capabilities Marian Jones
Capital allocation practices Mirna Jabbour
Capital marketing Shuxing Yin
Care cultures Diane Burns
Care quality and job quality Diane Burns
Career choice Laura Dean
Career development Laura Dean
Career management Laura Dean
Careers and psychological contract Laura Dean
Change and interventions Diane Burns
Change management Phil Johnson
Change management   Stuart Maguire
Change management in the police service Anna Topakas
Children and marketing Caroline Oates
Circular economy Sonal Choudhary
Civil society and accounting Jim Haslam
Classical Marxism and accounting Stewart Smyth
Cleantech industry Melanie Hassett
Cognition Marian Jones
Collaboration Kamal Birdi
Commemoration Chris Stride
Communication Sarah Brooks
Community festivals Elizabeth Carnegie
Community studies Colin Williams
Competition and market volatility Neng Jiang
Conflict and workplace resistance Kirsty Newsome
Conflict management Paul Latreille
Connectivity Melanie Hassett
Consumer buying behaviour Lien Monkhouse
Consumer perception Lien Monkhouse
Control systems Wael Hadid
Co-operatives Sanjay Lanka
Corporate branding Ranis Cheng
Corporate/business community engagement Sergej Ljubownikow
Corporate finance Junhong Yang
Corporate finance Shuxing Yin
Corporate finance and governance Jiao Ji
Corporate governance Sharif Khalid
Corporate governance and accountability Chaudhry Ghafran
Corporate identity Ranis Cheng
Corporate marketing Ranis Cheng
Corporate performance and market valuation Neng Jiang
Corporate responsibility Wael Hadid
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) John Burchell
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) Sonal Choudhary
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) Jiao Ji
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) Sharif Khalid
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) David Littlewood
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) Sergej Ljubownikow
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability Lei Chen
Corruption Martina McGuinness
Cost system design John Brierley
Counter and shadow accounting Jim Haslam
Creative and cultural industries Marta Herrero
Creative and cultural industries Daragh O'Reilly
Creative entrepreneurship Marta Herrero
Creative leadership Marta Herrero
Creativity Dermot Breslin
Creativity Kamal Birdi
Credit unions Bill Lee
Critical management Diane Burns
Critical management Penny Dick
Critical management Daragh O'Reilly
Critical psychology Penny Dick
Critical realism and accounting Stewart Smyth
Critical theory Bill Lee
Cross-border mergers and acquisitions Melanie Hassett
Cross cultural research in accounting Naoko Komori
Crowd management Rose Shepherd
CSR: see corporate social responsibility
Cultural studies Lien Monkhouse
Culture change Malcolm Patterson
Cultural branding  Daragh O'Reilly
Cultural identity Elizabeth Carnegie
Curiosity and serendipity in information systems Elaine Toms
Customer relationship management Stuart Maguire
Decision-marking Chantal Cantarelli
Decision sciences Antonino Sgalambro
Decision support Jonathan Linton
Decision support systems for complex logistics and supply chain management problem Andrea Genovese
Development Kamal Birdi
Development of new measures/metrics Elaine Toms
Deviance and ethical behaviour Malcolm Patterson
Dialogics and accounting Stewart Smyth
Disability Pauline Dibben
Disability Paul Latreille
Disability management Pauline Dibben
Disability quality of employment and cost of adaptations Juliana Meira
Diversity Jeremy Dawson
Diversity management  Penny Dick
Drought Martina McGuinness
Earnings management Chaudry Ghafran
East Asian consumers Lien Monkhouse
E-Business  Lenny Koh
Economic development Junhong Yang
Economic development Colin Williams
Economic inactivity Paul Latreille
Economic restructuring Colin Williams
Economics of transition in China Junhong Yang
Education and sustainability Julie Alevizou
E-Learning Paul Latreille
Emerging economies Pauline Dibben
Emerging market economies Jiao Ji
Emerging market multinationals Sumon Bhaumik
Emotion at work Malcolm Patterson
Empirical finance Jiao Ji
Employability in SMEs Ranis Cheng
Employee relations in emerging economies Pauline Dibben
Employee volunteering John Burchell
Employee wellbeing Carolyn Axtell
Employee wellbeing Peter Warr
Employee wellbeing and motivation Malcolm Patterson
Employees of one-child generation in China Huiping Xian
Employment relations Pauline Dibben
Employment relations Jason Heyes
Employment relations Kirsty Newsome
Employment relations in supply chains Phil Johnson
Employment relationships in SMEs Robert Wapshott
Employment security Pauline Dibben
Employment tribunals Paul Latreille
Energy industry  Andrew Brint
Enterprise resource planning Stuart Maguire
Enterprise risk management (ERM) Mirna Jabbour
Enterprise search Elaine Toms
Entrepreneurial behaviour Dermot Breslin
Entrepreneurial economies Tim Vorley
Entrepreneurship Chay Brooks
Entrepreneurship Marian Jones
Entrepreneurship Vasilios Theoharakis
Entrepreneurship determinants and effects Georgios Fotopoulos
Environmental accounting Frank Birkin
Environmental economics David Oglethorpe
Environmental economics Junhong Yang
Environmental issues in SMEs Mike Simpson
Environmental management systems Julie Alevizou
Environmental performance Mirna Jabbour
Environmental strategy Jon Burchell
E-Organisations  Lenny Koh
Episteme change and its new possibilities for knowledge and action Frank Birkin
Epistemology Phil Johnson
Escalation of commitment Chantal Cantarelli
European Union social policy Michael Frize
Evaluation Kamal Birdi
Evaluation of information systems Elaine Toms
Everday experiences of organizaing Jerzy Kociatkiewicz
Extinction accounting Sanjay Lanka
Extraction sector Sharif Khalid
Factory work Kirsty Newsome
Family business Naoko Komori
Family-friendly policies   Penny Dick
Fashion Ranis Cheng
Feedback processes in entrepreneurship Andreana Drencheva
Financial disclosure using text analysis Jiao Ji
Financial distress Neng Jiang
Financial intermediation Junhong Yang
Financialisation Stewart Smyth
Financialisation of care Diane Burns
Firm behaviour under imperfect capital markets Junhong Yang
Flexicurity Jason Heyes
Flexicurity Thomas Hastings
Flooding Martina McGuinness
Food systems David Oglethorpe
Forecasting Andrew Brint
Foreign direct investment (FDI) Shuxing Yin
Formalisation of working relationships Robert Wapshott
Formality Sarah Brooks
Freight fleet operator recognition schemes Erica Ballantyne
Gender Penny Dick
Gender Naoko Komori
Gender and creative labour Marta Herrero
Global value Chains and labour Kirsty Newsome
Governance of alternative trade organisations Sanjay Lanka
Government funded or endorsed cultural spaces Elizabeth Carnegie
Green human resource management (HRM) Stuart Maguire
Group behaviour Dermot Breslin
Habitus Naoko Komori
Happiness and unhappiness Peter Warr
Health and social care organising Diane Burns
Health organisations Malcolm Patterson
Healthcare management Jeremy Dawson
Healthcare (re) organisation - quality, teamwork, leadership, patient and public involvement Rachael Finn
History - accounting/administrative Jim Haslam
Household accounting practices Naoko Komori
Household saving and consumption decisions Junhong Yang
Housing finance Stewart Smyth
Housing market Andrew Brint
Housing policy Stewart Smyth
Human factors/systems thinking Rose Shepherd
Human resource management in China Huiping Xian
Human resources and innovation of Chinese firms Huiping Xian
Hybrid organisations Andreana Drencheva
Hybrid organisations Sergej Ljubownikow
Hybrid organisations Maddy Powell
Impact of eldercare on employee health & well-being Christine Sprigg
Impact of neoliberalism on social solidarity/anomie/trust Phil Johnson
Impact of trade regulations on livelihoods Sanjay Lanka
Inclusive economy John Burchell
Indexing of corporate performance Neng Jiang
Industry dynamics Georgios Fotopoulos
Industrial relations and the law Michael Frize
Informal economy David Littlewood
Informal economy Colin Williams
Informal economy Pauline Dibben
Information & communication technology Stuart Maguire
Informational interfaces Elaine Toms
Innovation Kamal Birdi
Innovation Chay Brooks
Innovation Naoko Komori
Innovation Tim Vorley
Innovation in social care systems and local provision Diane Burns
Innovation process Jonathan Linton
Innovations Junhong Yang
Interagency collaboration Anna Topakas
International development Emanuela Girei
Internationalisation Melanie Hassett
Internationalisation Marian Jones
Institutional abuse and mistreatment Diane Burns
Institutional theory Penny Dick
Institutional theory applications into management accounting and risk management Mirna Jabbour
Institutions Chay Brooks
Institutions Tim Vorley
Insurance and disaster  Martina McGuinness
Institutions and political economy Sumon Bhaumik
International marketing Lien Monkhouse
Interventionist research John Cullen
Japan Naoko Komori
Job engagement Peter Warr
Job retention Pauline Dibben
Job quality Kirsty Newsome
Knowledge management Lenny Koh
Knowledge sharing Kamal Birdi
Labour Thomas Hastings
Labour geography Thomas Hastings
Labour market policy and regulation Jason Heyes
Labour market policy and regulation Thomas Hastings
Labour process Thomas Hastings
Labour process theory Kirsty Newsome
Leadership Kristen Hildenbrand
Leadership Malcolm Patterson
Leadership Anna Topakas
Lean Andrew Simpson
Lean accounting Wael Hadid
Lean in service environments Andrew Simpson
Lean production (service) Wael Hadid
Lean Six Sigma Sonal Choudhary
Learning Kamal Birdi
Life Cycle Analysis Richard Bruce
Location models and problems Andrea Genovese
Logistics  Lenny Koh
Logistics Antonino Sgalambro
Logistics workers and labour process Kirsty Newsome
Low carbon supply chain innovation Andrea Genovese
Low-paid work and minimum wages Jason Heyes
Luxury and sustainability Navdeep Athwal
Luxury fashion and sustainability Julie Alevizou
Luxury goods Lien Monkhouse
Management accounting and change Bill Lee
Management accounting in modern operational environments Wael Hadid
Management and social change Emanuela Girei
Management control Phil Johnson
Management control Thomas Hastings
Manual work Kirsty Newsome
Market efficiency Shuxing Yin
Marketing Nicki Newman
Marketing Daragh O'Reilly
Marketing communications Nicki Newman
Marketing theory Daragh O'Reilly
Marketing to children  Caroline Oates
Measurement and management of intangible assets Lei Chen
Mediation Paul Latreille
Melas events Elizabeth Carnegie
Mergers and acquisitions Junhong Yang
Micro-foundations of entrepreneurial action Andreana Drencheva
Migrant workers Jason Heyes
Motivation Peter Warr
Multi-criteria decision making problems Andrea Genovese
Multinational corporations Tim Vorley
Museums in Eastern and Central Europe Elizabeth Carnegie
Museums management Elizabeth Carnegie
Natural resource extraction David Littlewood
Natural resource management (water, land) Sonal Choudhary
Network design Antonino Sgalambro
New technology in work Carolyn Axtell
New ventures Marian Jones
Non-governmental organisations and sustainability Julie Alevizou
Nonprofit organisations Sergej Ljubownikow
Nostalgia Chris Stride
Occupational psychology Kamal Birdi
Occupational health psychology Christine Sprigg
Olympic volunteers Geoff Nichols
Online auctions  Andrew Brint
Operations management Andrew Simpson
Operations management Mike Simpson
Operations research Antonino Sgalambro
Operations strategy Andrew Simpson
Optimisation Andrew Brint
Optimisation Antonino Sgalambro
Oral history Naoko Komori
Organisational adaptation Dermot Breslin
Organisational ambidexterity Dermot Breslin
Organisational change Malcolm Patterson
Organisational change Tim Vorley
Organisational climate Malcolm Patterson
Organisational co-evolution Dermot Breslin
Organisational communication Sarah Brooks
Organisational culture Malcolm Patterson
Organisational culture and change Diane Burns
Organisational interventions Karina Nielsen
Organisational learning Kamal Birdi
Organisational routines Dermot Breslin
Organisational safety Rose Shepherd
Organisational theory Phil Johnson
Organisations of the common good Jerzy Kociatkiewicz
Organising history Jerzy Kociatkiewicz
Ownership, organisational structure and corporate governance Sumon Bhaumik
Ownership structures Chaudry Ghafran
Participatory organisational research methodologies Diane Burns
Patient care Malcolm Patterson
Pedagogy Paul Latreille
Perfectionism Chris Stride
Performance Chaudry Ghafran
Performance measurement  Jo Padmore
Personality Peter Warr
Personnel selection Penny Dick
Perspective taking/empathy Carolyn Axtell
Philanthropy Chay Brooks
Philanthropy Marta Herrero
Physical work environment Christine Sprigg
Policing Kamal Birdi
Policy and practice Tim Vorley
Political violence and commerce   Martina McGuinness
Portfolio management Jonathan Linton
Positive psychology Christine Sprigg
Post-industrial museum Elizabeth Carnegie
Post-socialist societies Sergej Ljubownikow
Post-socialist society Colin Williams
Power and resistance Penny Dick
Precarious work Kirsty Newsome
Price prediction  Andrew Brint
Privatisation of public services Pauline Dibben
Pro- and anti-social employee behaviours Malcolm Patterson
Product costing John Brierley
Product placement  Daragh O'Reilly
Production planning and control (MRP, MRPII, ERP, ERPII) Lenny Koh
Profitability dynamics in emerging markets Neng Jiang
Project management Stuart Maguire
Project performance Chantal Cantarelli
Psychological contract Penny Dick
Psychological well-being Malcolm Patterson
Public accountability Elizabeth Carnegie
Public accountability Stewart Smyth
Public accountability Jim Haslam
Public management Maddy Powell
Public policy Jason Heyes
Public policy Colin Williams
Public private partnerships (PPPs) Chantal Cantarelli
Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) Stewart Smyth
Public sector accounting and new public management Bill Lee
Public sector effectiveness Chantal Cantarelli
Public sector reform Pauline Dibben
Public sector research establishments Tim Vorley
Public service delivery and organisation Diane Burns
Qualitative research Rose Shepherd
Qualitative research methods Julie Alevizou
Qualitative research methods Diane Burns
Qualitative research methods Phil Johnson
Qualitative research methods Bill Lee
Qualitative research methods Daragh O'Reilly
Qualitative research methods Marian Jones
Qualitative research methods Huiping Xian
Quantitative research methods Jo Padmore
Quantitative research methods and statistics Jeremy Dawson
Quantitative research methods Lien Monkhouse
Real options Jonathan Linton
Recognition and substantiation of non-economic values Frank Birkin
Reflexivity Naoko Komori
Regional development Chay Brooks
Regional development Georgios Fotopoulos
Regional development Colin Williams
Regional economy Colin Williams
Regional economic eevelopment Tim Vorley
Regulation Thomas Hastings
Regulation Jason Heyes
Rehabilitation through sport and leisure Geoff Nichols
Relationship marketing Maddy Powell
Religious identity Elizabeth Carnegie
Representation of peoples and cultures Elizabeth Carnegie
Research practice Bill Lee
Resilience Sonal Choudhary
Resilience Martina McGuinness
Resistance Emanuela Girei
Responsible investment Sharif Khalid
Resistance, power and identity Penny Dick
Restructuring and well-being Karina Nielsen
Retail marketing Julie Alevizou
Retailing Ranis Cheng
Return-to-work Karina Nielsen
Reverse logistics John Cullen
Reverse logistics management Juliance Meira
Risk governance Martina McGuinness
Scale development and psychometrics Jeremy Dawson
Self-employment Paul Latreille
Sensory marketing Julie Alevizou
Service costing John Brierley
Services marketing Maddy Powell
Servicescape Julie Alevizou
Silence Sarah Brooks
Small business policy Robert Wapshott
Small & medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) Ranis Cheng
Small & medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) Melanie Hassett
Small & medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) Jo Padmore
Small & medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) Mike Simpson
Small & medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and business continuity Martina McGuinness
Small & medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and sustainability Julie Alevizou
Small & medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) marketing Ranis Cheng
Smart meters Andrew Brint
Social accounting Frank Birkin
Social accounting Sanjay Lanka
Social accounting Bill Lee
Social accounting Stewart Smyth
Social and environmental accounting Jim Haslam
Social business behaviour Sergej Ljubownikow
Social capital Andreana Drencheva
Social care workforce and labour arrangements Diane Burns
Social change Andreana Drencheva
Social enterprise Maddy Powell
Social enterprises Sergei Ljubownikow
Social entrepreneurship Andreana Drencheva
Social entrepreneurship David Littlewood
Social housing finance Stewart Smyth
Social innovation David Littlewood
Social media marketing Navdeep Athwal
Social movements and accounting Stewart Smyth
Socio-cultural context Naoko Komori
Southern NGOs and social movements Emanuela Girei
Spatial interaction theory Andrea Genovese
Sponsorship Marta Herrero
Sport and crime reduction Geoff Nichols
Sport volunteer asset transfer Geoff Nichols
Sports clubs Geoff Nichols
Sports counselling  Geoff Nichols
Sports development Geoff Nichols
Sports organisations Malcolm Patterson
Stakeholder engagement Sharif Khalid
State owned enterprises (SOEs) and corporate governance in China Neng Jiang
Statistical methods in management Jeremy Dawson
Strategic management Sergej Ljubownikow
Strategic marketing Vasilios Theoharakis
Stress Carolyn Axtell
Stress Penny Dick
Stress Christine Sprigg
Sub-Saharan Africa Davic Littlewood
Supply chain accounting Richard Bruce
Supply chain accounting John Cullen
Supply chain accounting Juliana Meira
Supply chain accounting and employment practices Juliana Meira
Supply chain contracts Andrew Brint
Supply chain decision support tools Andrea Genovese
Supply chain management Erica Ballantyne
Supply chain management John Cullen
Supply chain management Sonal Choudhary
Supply chain management Lenny Koh
Supply chain management Mike Simpson
Supply chains and employment Kirsty Newsome
Sustainability Richard Bruce
Sustainability Wael Hadid
Sustainability claims and certifications Julie Alevizou
Sustainable cities Julie Alevizou
Sustainable fashion Julie Alevizou
Sustainable fashion Ranis Cheng
Sustainable freight transport Erica Ballantyne
Sustainable land use David Oglethorpe
Sustainable livelihoods in food systems Sanjay Lanka
Sustainability Ranis Cheng
Sustainability Sonal Choudhary
Sustainability in services and retail Julie Alevizou
Sustainability labelling Julie Alevizou
Sustainability marketing Julie Alevizou
Sustainability marketing Caroline Oates
Sustainability marketing Maddy Powell
Taxation Lynda Burkinshaw
Team processes Kristen Hildenbrand
Team-working Jeremy Dawson
Technology in the workplace Rose Shepherd
Third sector commercialisation John Burchell
Trade unions Pauline Dibben
Trade unions Jason Heyes
Training Kamal Birdi
Training Paul Latreille
Training and development Jason Heyes
Training transfer Karina Nielsen
Transformational leadership and well-being Karina Nielsen
Transistion and emerging economy contexts Sergei Ljubownikow
Translation Naoko Komori
Transparency Sharif Khalid
Transport and technology Erica Ballantyne
Transport planning Erica Ballantyne
Trust between suppliers and retailers Richard Bruce
Uncertainty modelling and management Lenny Koh
Undeclared work Colin Williams
Under-employment Jason Heyes
Union renewal Pauline Dibben
Universities Tim Vorley
Universities Naoko Komori
Urban freight/city logistics Erica Ballantyne
Urban metabolism Sonal Choudhary
Uses of historic past in the political present Elizabeth Carnegie
Value chain analysis Sanjay Lanka
Violence Christine Sprigg
Virtual/tele-work Carolyn Axtell
Visitors and engagement at cultural sites Elizabeth Carnegie
Visual culture Marta Herrero
Voice and silence Sarah Brooks
Voluntary sector Colin Williams
Volunteering in events and sport Geoff Nichols
Water energy Melanie Hassett
Water resources David Oglethorpe
Wellbeing Kristen Hildenbrand
Women and accounting Naoko Komori
Women's careers Huiping Xian
Work and employment Jason Heyes
Work and employment Thomas Hastings
Work conditions Malcolm Patterson
Work design Carolyn Axtell
Work design Malcolm Patterson
Work design Rose Shepherd
Work design/redesign and psychological well-being Sprigg, Christine Christine Sprigg
Work in creative and cultural industries Jason Heyes
Work intensification Kirsty Newsome
Work-life balance Huiping Xian
Work organisation/redesign Carolyn Axtell
Work psychology Kamal Birdi
Work psychology Penny Dick
Work-related bullying, aggression, cyberbullying Christine Sprigg
Workforce diversity Anna Topakas
Workgroup diversity and faultlines Jeremy Dawson
Working-time Kirsty Newsome
Workplace conflict Paul Latreille
Workplace learning initiatives Bill Lee
Workplace mediation Paul Latreille
Youth employment Angela Carter