Previous Research Seminar Archive: 2007-2009

Previous Seminars
08/07/2009: Mehmet Demirbag & Keith Glaister Factors Determining Emerging Market MNEs' Location Choice: A Study of Turkish MNEs
13/05/2009: Howard Mellett (University of Cardiff) Devolution, Accruals Accounting And Strategy Delivery In The NHS
06/05/2009: Violina Ratcheva Organising Knowledge Work in Temporary Project Organisations – The Case of UK Film Industry
18/03/2009: Jesse Dillard (Portland State University) and Alan Murray Deciphering the domain of Corporate Social Responsibility: re-examining the relationship between business and civil society
11/03/2009: Geoff Nichols The psychological contract of volunteers in sport.
04/03/2009: Liz Carnegie Museum mediated memories and the politics of representation
11/02/2009: Mike Wright (Nottingham University Business School) and Geoff Wood Financialization and Private Equity
04/02/2009: Max Moullin (Sheffield Hallam University) Outcomes, processes and capability: Improving quality and performance with the public sector scorecard
18th February 2009 - Mark Salmon (Warwick Business School)and Wing Wah Tham - Time Deformation and the Yield Curve.
03-12-08: Chris Brewster: Issues and trends in Comparative HRM
26-11-08: Colin Mason: Invisible Businesses: The Characteristics Of Home-Based Businesses In The United Kingdom
12-11-08: Caroline Oates & Jo Padmore: Researching a new typology of green and ethical consumers
05-11-2008: Harry Sminia: A sociology-based strategy theory
05-11-08: Nigel Meade: International Diffusion Of Renewable Energy Technologies
29-10-08: Alan Murray: the principles for responsible management education
08-10-08: Andrew Tylecote: The Rise of Chinese Management Research
30-04-08: John Brierley: An examination of the factors influencing the level of consideration for activity based costing
14-05-08: Sunil Sahadev E-Service Quality: Conceptualisation and Outcomes
21-05-08 Geoff Wood & Marc Goergen: Corporate Governance Regimes and Employment Relations in Europe
11-06-08 Simon Down: The Showmen: Social Position and Business Enterprise of Exhibition Entrepreneurs in Britain 1875-1914.
05-03-08 Peter Armstrong Subsidizing Entrepreneurship
27-02-08 Alan Hughes Innovation policy as cargo cult - some implications of a comparative study of UK and US innovation
13-02-08 Peter Buckley The Global Factory
12-12-07 - Jane Frecknall Hughes & Keith W Glaister - Towards an understanding of the choice of organisational form: Evidence from UK firms
05-12-07 Vicky Kiosse: How does the market price pension accruals?
27-11-07 Phil Johnson: Metatheory and Business Ethics
21-11-07 Gerard Hodgkinson, Toward a pragmatic science of strategic intervention: The case of scenario planning
17-10-07 Luke Pittaway:- Synthesising Knowledge in Entrepreneurship Research
10-10-07 Phil Molyneux:- How Do Banks Make Money for their Owners? – An Analysis of the Determinants of Shareholder Value Creation in European Banking
03-10-07 Lynne Markus:- The Standardization of Interorganizational Data Sharing and Business Processes: Collective Action and Performance Outcomes.
31-10-07 Norman Strong:- The market reward to achieving analyst earnings expectations: Does expectations or earnings management fool investors?