Previous Research Seminar Series: 2009-2010

Semester 1 2009/10
Date Speaker Notes Details
07/10/09 Andrew Tylecote (University of Sheffield)   Deep Roots of Ruin: How Inequality and Technology have Undermined Demand in the World Economy.
14/10/09 Jeremy Howells (Manchester Business School)   TBA
21/10/09 Margaret Woods (University of Nottingham)   Risk and performance management in major UK public and private sector organisations: a tale of contrasting cultures
28/10/09 Bill Cooke (Lancaster University) RMRP  
04/11/09 John Kawalek (University of Sheffield)   A Research Seminar for Advanced Management Researchers
11/11/09 Jim Baldwin (University of Sheffield)   Science Park Diversity And Effects On Firm Performance
18/11/09 Linda Lewis (University of Sheffield)   Working With Engineers: Accounting And Sustainability In Water Asset Management
25/11/09 Susanne Tietze (Nottingham Trent University) RMRP VISUAL ANALYSIS AND SPACES OF IDENTITY: Images of a Home-located Worker
16/12/09 Jeremy Howells (Manchester Business School )   Impact Research: A Way Forward?
27/01/2010 Doug Renwick (University of Sheffield) RMRP An Exploratory Analysis of the Research Excellence Framework (REF) for the Business and Management (B&M) Field in British Universities

Semester 2 2009/10
Date Speaker Note Title
03 February 2010 Geoff Nichols (University of Sheffield)   Generating a volunteer legacy from a major sporting event: Manchester Event Volunteers – lessons of a legacy of volunteering from the 2002 Commonwealth Games
10 February 2010 Ron Hodges (University of Sheffield)   Joined-up Government and the Challenges to Accounting and Accountability Researchers
24 February 2010 Catherine Cassell (Manchester Business School) RMRP TBA
03 March 2010 Anne Stafford (University of Manchester)   TBA
10 March 2010 Nic Beech (University of St Andrews)   Improvisation and Management Practice
17 March 2010 Carolyn Axtell (University of Sheffield)   TBA
23 March 2010 Wayne Fallon   Reflections on the Rhetoric of CSR in Stakeholder Relationships
24 March 2010 Geoff Nichols (University of Sheffield)   Volunteers and Members in Sports Clubs
31 March 2010 PhD Conference    
14 April 2010 Pauline Dibben (University of Sheffield)   Trade union renewal in Mozambique
21 April 2010 John Barber (DTI)   Government support of Innovation and Technology Development by UK Business from 1980 onwards: an example of ‘Industrial Activism’ in operation
Cancelled Michael Humphries (University of Nottingham) RMRP TBA
Cancelled Tina McGuiness (University of Sheffield)   TBA
12 May 2010 Carolyn Axtell (University of Sheffield)    
Cancelled Suzanne Richbell (University of Sheffield)   TBA
26 May 2010 Frank Worthington (University of Liverpool) RMRP TBA
02 June 2010 PhD Conference    
09 June 2010 Christopher Pollitt at ICOSS Technological Change and the Management of Public Services
28 June 2010 Bruce Kaufman   The Theoretical Foundation of Industrial Relations and its Implications for Labor Economics and Human Resource Management