Previous Research Seminar Series: 2010-2011

Semester 2 2010-11
06 Jul 2011 Harry Sminia (Sheffield, The Practice-based View: Realizing Strategic Potential
01 JUN 2011 Mehmet Demirbag (Sheffield, Offshore R&D and Performance in Multinational Companies
25 MAY 2011 Craig Shepherd RMRP Seminar
18 May 2011 Frank Birkin Intrinsic Sustainable Development: epistemes, science, business and sustainability
27 APR 2011 Mark Learmouth RMRP SeminarAutoethnography: Prospects and Possibilities inManagement and Organization Studies
06 Apr 2011 David Heald (Aberdeen) and Ron Hodges (Sheffield, The full cycle of a performance-measurement system: the Use of Resources assessment for English local authorities
18 Mar 2011 Professor Peter Laplaca, Editor-in-Chief of Industrial Marketing Management Writing a World Class paper
Semester 1 2010-11
29/09/2010 Frank Worthington What Counts as Good Ethnography RMRP Seminar
27/10/2010 Murray Clark RMRP Seminar
24/11/2010 Tom Burgess Social Network Analysis and Management Research RMRP Seminar
26/01/2011 Leo McCann RMRP Seminar
23/02/2011 Paula Hyde The lost tribes: An ethnographic study of health service managersRMRP Seminar