Previous Research Seminar Series: 2011-2012

2011-2012 Seminar Series
Date/ Time / Location
Speaker Title Notes
2nd July 2012
11 am
Professor Per Davidsson, Queensland University of Technology Entrepreneurial opportunity and the entrepreneurship nexus: A reconceptualization

Distinguished Academic Speaker Series

27th June 2012
TBA Effective defence at upgrade, viva and beyond.

Doctoral Seminar Series

20th June 2012
1 pm - 2 pm
Mushroom Lane
Common Room
Dr Anja Van den Broeck The relations of value pursuit and work-related well-being: The impact of high quality employment Special Topic Seminar
30th May 2012
4-6pm in 123-1
Dr James Fitchett Oral Histories on Branding & Consumption RMRP Seminar

16th May 2012
2-3.30pm at ICOSS

Mark Freeman, Loughborough University TBA Finance Group Seminars
9th May 2012
4-6pm at ICOSS
Prof Gibson Burrell Styles of Organizing RMRP Seminar
3rd May 2012
4.30pm in room 123-1
Prof Fayohsin The Contribution of Social Partnership to Labour Market Effectiveness in Singapore
25th April 2012
TBA Commercial research and the challenges for impartiality

Doctoral Seminar Series

18th April 2012
12.45pm at Mushroom Lane
Mark Langdon from Department for Business, Innovation and Skills Employer behaviour and investment in training; first findings from the UK Employer Skills Survey Distinguished Business and Organisational Leaders Series
11th April 2012
Postponed further date to be confirmed
Andy Dodman, HR Director at UOS
28th March 2012
TBA Overcoming hurdles (or how to love your PhD!)

Doctoral Seminar Series

21st March 2012

1pm at Mushroom Lane

Terry Ryall, CEO of the National Young Volunteers Service Leadership in the Third Sector: How to make your organization soar Distinguished Business Leaders Series

15th March 2012

5 pm at ICOSS

Patrick Le Galès The New Labour Experiment Distinguished Academic Speaker Series
7th March 2012 Ning Gao What Drives Bidder Cash Reserve Effects In Acquisitions: Agency Conflicts or Precautionary Motive? Finance Group Seminars
29th February 2012
TBA Spread too thin – Managing the balancing act of PhD and other work/research commitments

Doctoral Seminar Series

29th Feb 2012

1pm at Mushroom Lane

Christine Sprigg Special Topics Series

22nd Feb 2012

4-6pm in room 123-1

Prof Lew Perren RMRP Seminar

22nd Feb 2012

1pm at Mushroom Lane

Jon Stewart,

Director at Siemens VAI

Distinguished Business Leaders Series
8th Feb 2012  John Knights Distinguished Business Leaders Series
25th January 2012
MGT 123-1

Dr Geoff Nichols

Ms. Sylvia Aquiah: email

2012: Expectations and Methods for Success in the Contemporary Research Environment

Doctoral Seminar Series

14 Dec 2011
1-2pm 3rd Floor Common Room
12.30pm Pre Seminar lunch 1st Floor Meeting Room

Institute of Work Psychology, University of Sheffield
Mushroom Lane, S10 2TN
Dr Andreas Rauch
Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship, University of Exeter Business School

30th Nov 2011


Prof Jane Binner’s grant writing workshop
25th Nov 2011
All day

ICOSS Building
219 Portobello, Sheffield, S1 4DP
Prof Jordi Molas Gallart, Research Professor

Dr Juliet Chester, Head of Policy, Universities UK

Dr Maria Nedeva, Senior Lecturer, MIoIR, University of, Manchester

Pam Tatlow, Chief Executive, Million+

Prof David Charles, Professor of Regional, Economic Development, University of Strathclyde
Politics, Policy and the Third Mission:
The Transformation of Contemporary Universities
The Third Mission and the contemporary University Seminar Series booking via
23rd Nov

3pm in Room 123.1
Derek Birkett - Author of 'When will the lights go out'

Forget Renewables

Download the abstract here.

16 Nov 2011
Boardroom at the ICOSS Building
219 Portobello, Sheffield, S1 4DP
Professor Beverly Alimo-Metcalfe
Chief Executive The Real World Group and Professor of Leadership at Bradford University
Recent developments in leadership Research and the practical implications in organisations

9 Nov 2011

Stoddard Building, Howard Street
Sheffield, S1

Professor Alistair Mutch

Institutional Theory and Historical Evidence: Exploring the Benefits and Problems

Download the slides here.

RMRP Seminar
3 Nov 2011

Hick Lecture Theatre 6
Hicks Building
Professor Nicola Loperfido
University of Urbino, Urbino, Italy
Kurtosis and the Black Swan: Some Fine Financial Findings

Download the Abstract here.
Finance Group Seminars
26 Oct 2011
1-2pm in the 3rd Floor Common Room

Institute of Work Psychology, University of Sheffield
Mushroom Lane, S10 2TN
Professor Bernard Burnes
Chair of Organisational Change, Manchester Business School
A Brief History of Organization Development
12 Oct 2011
1-2pm in 3rd Floor Common Room

The Institute of Work Psychology, University of Sheffield
Mushroom Lane, S10 2TN
Dr Birgit Schyns
Reader in Management, Durham Business School
Abusive Supervision