Dr Antonino Sgalambro

Lecturer in Operations Research

Room: B065
Phone: +44 (0)114 222 3393
Email: A.Sgalambro@sheffield.ac.uk
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Dr. Antonino Sgalambro is Lecturer in Operations Research at the Sheffield University Management School, and a member of the Operations Management and Decision Science division.

He teaches in many modules on Decision Sciences, Optimisation and Operations Management, at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels.

He holds a PhD in Operations Research from "Sapienza University of Rome", Italy, and his research activity focuses mainly on Operations Research, Optimisation, Management Science and Decision Support Systems.
Antonino has been several times visiting researcher at the Centre for (CIRRELT), in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and, since 2012, a researcher at the National Research Council of Italy, Institute for the Application of Calculus “Mauro Picone".
He is the author of many scientific papers published on peer-reviewed international journals in Operations Research and Management Science.
He is currently Secretary and Board member of the EU-MATHS-IN Foundation, a European Service Network of Mathematics for Industry and Innovation.

Teaching and learning

Antonino is currently leading and delivering the following modules at the Sheffield University School of Management, at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels.

He is the module leader for the new module: MGT3011 Optimisation and Decision Sciences, a module for students of the third year of the undergraduate course in Business Management. It provides an extensive overview on methodologies for supporting decision making within complex systems, with particular emphasis on industry and business management. Real-world success cases arising in manufacturing, healthcare, logistics and service management are analysed, where the combined use of Decision Support Systems and Optimisation Methods secured a breakthrough support for strategic and operational management to achieve optimal solutions while satisfying all system constraints.

Antonino is also the module leader for MGT3010 Operations and Supply Chain Management with Application to Rolls Royce, coordinated in cooperation with his colleague Robert Marchand, for the students of the third year of the undergraduate Business Management course. This module has been entirely redesigned during the last academic year, in cooperation with senior managers of Rolls-Royce plc., who are also delivering some lectures in the module.

At an undergraduate level, Antonino also teaches in the following modules:
MGT253: Operations and Supply Chain Management, a module of the second level of the course in Business Management;
MGT138: Analysis for Decision Making, a module of the first level of the course in Business Management.

At a post-graduate level, Antonino is the module leader for MGT6155 Supply Networks Management. Coordinated in cooperation with his colleague Andrea Genovese, the module enables the students of the MSc course in Logistics and Supply Chain Management to understand the challenges arising from complex supply networks across different industries, introducing the relevant principles and management frameworks to effectively identify and analyse the problems associated with network management.


Antonino is an active researcher in the field of Operations Research, Optimisation, Management Science and Decision Support Systems.
He published original scientific results on peer-reviewed international journals, dealing with Discrete Network Optimisation and Service Network Design problems inspired to real-world problems arising in Logistics, Transportation, and Telecommunication networks.
Some current research topics of his interest are related to the:

  • Efficient algorithms for NP-Hard problems in Discrete Network optimisation
  • Decision Support Systems for Service and Manufacturing Systems
  • Locational Analysis and Spatial Decision Making problems

(also in interaction with GIS – Geographical Information Systems)

  • Decision Making in Safety, Security and Emergency problems
  • Humanitarian Logistics and Healthcare problems

He is currently supervising two PhD students in Operations Research.

PhD Supervision

Some PhD projects are currently open for students with perspective scientific interests in Operations Research, Operations and Supply Chain Management, Optimisation and Decision Sciences, in particular for the above mentioned research topics.
For further information on PhD open projects please send a message with your CV to: a.sgalambro@sheffield.ac.uk