Dr Dragos Adascalitei

Lecturer in Employment Relations

Room: A014
Phone: +44 (0)114 222 3392
Email: d.adascalitei@sheffield.ac.uk

Dragos is Lecturer in Employment Relations. He joined the Management School in September 2017. Before joining the School, he was a Postdoctoral researcher at the Central European University (CEU), Center for Policy Studies in Budapest, Hungary. He is a member of the Work, Employment Relations Research Centre (WOERRC) located within the Management School.


Dragos is committed to providing lectures that stimulate critical thinking based on state of the art research. To this end, he draws on theoretical and empirical work that allows students engage with contemporary topics in employment relations. His approach to teaching is to encourage students to advance their own independent work by guiding them to apply the knowledge gained in class to current developments in employment relations.
He currently contributes to the following modules:

MGT659 Industrial Relations
MGT682 Research Methods
MGT226 Human Resource Management
MGT3003 Work and Employment in the 21st Century
MGT309 Industrial Relations


Dragos is particularly interested in studying labour market reforms and their consequences for the economy and individuals. His work combines quantitative large-n analyses with fine grained in depth comparative historical narratives. Generally, he uses both macro-level traditional institutionalist theories as well as actor-centred and behavioural approaches that take into account individual responses to policy changes. He is also interested in industrial relations and the factors that account for the trade union power at the local and national levels.

Additional Information

For a full list of papers check my profile on Research Gate.