Dr Francesco Ciardiello

University Teacher

Room: B051
Phone: +44 (0)114 222 3331
Email: f.ciardiello@sheffield.ac.uk

I have been employed at University of Sheffield for the previous four years. My background is in mathematics having studied for a PhD in Mathematical Methods for Economics and Finance at University of Foggia (Italy) with a thesis on the existence of Nash equilibrium in non-cooperative games. My Bachelor and M.Sc. degree was obtained at University of Bari (Italy). My dissertation thesis was in pure mathematics and it deals with the existence of a solution for a class of elliptical equations.


My interests are in the field of mathematical economics, game theory, and operational research for supply chains, decision science. I am particularly interested in applications of game theory to management problems. I have also developed my personal research network and agenda in the UK with multiple co-authors based in British leading institutions such as the University of York, University of Birmingham and University of Warwick.


I have been delivering tutorials on the modules MGT137 and MGT138 at the Sheffield University Management School. During my academic positions in Italy, I was employed as a lecturer delivering lectures in the field of calculus, financial methods for economists, linear algebra for economists. The above modules were taught in departments of economics, management and mathematics at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.


J. M. Binner, F. Ciardiello, L. Fletcher, V. Kolokoltsov (2019). Strict Nash equilibria in a market share duopoly, in International Game Theory Review, Vol. 21 (2019).

A. Bhattacharya, V. Brosi, F. Ciardiello, (2018). The uncovered set and the core: Cox’s (1987) result revisited. Journal of Mechanism and Institution Design, Volume 3, issue 1 pp 1-15.

F. Ciardiello, A. Genovese, A. Simpson (2018). Pollution cost allocations for supply networks: Methods and case studies. in press in International Journal of Production Economics (IJPE).

F. Ciardiello, F., Genovese, A., Simpson (2018). A unified cooperative model for environmental costs in supply chains: the Shapley value for the linear case. in press Annals of Operations Research (2018).

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